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  1. adox

    Need opinions

    Looks v nice. However, that tripod seems a bit short xx.
  2. adox

    Flying with Rifs... but wait

    My father has offered to take me to America and I want to go to some airsoft sites whilst I am out there. Going there is not a problem as RIFs are completely legal in America but coming back I don't want any hassle from uk border force about not having a ukara.
  3. adox

    Newbie tech question - ARP556

    they are pretty solid guns mate. But please don't open up and mess with a gun as a beginner... It will come with a warranty if anything happens... get the shop to fix it. My one piece of advice! If you want to learn to mod or tech buy a cheap gng raider, even a second hand one will do otherwise money will go down the drain especially on a nice weapon like an ARP9.
  4. adox

    Flying with Rifs... but wait

    Hi guys, Personally I do own some rifts that have been gifted to me. From this you probably know now that I do not have my own ukara as I am under 18. I was hoping to fly with my airsoft guns soon to an event which there is no problem with until I make my way back where, from research, I cannot find anyone that has much knowledge on whether our lovely uk border force will do me dirty on my way back and take my airsoft guns as I do not have a ukara despite being gifted them and owning them legally. If someone can shed some light on this I'd appreciate it. 😃
  5. adox

    DSG Gearbox

    i'm looking at building a new gun or developing one. I am looking for trigger response and dsg just shortens the reset time.
  6. adox

    DSG Gearbox

    Does anyone know of people or companies that make and sell drop in dsg gearboxes. So that I can simply remove a gearbox and install a new one that is premade with a dsg???
  7. I always store my mags empty especially mid caps and out of the gun.
  8. adox

    Strange battery problem

    I see, I am still new to airsoft and appreciate the knowledge. No-one had replied to him for quite a while so I'd thought to give it a go.
  9. adox

    Strange battery problem

    I would guess the fuse in your gun (in the mosfet) will not allow the higher coulomb charge of 30c so it does not allow the use to possibly protect your gun getting fried...???
  10. adox

    R4 MP7 Gun problem

    I would recommend that you check all the electrical connections. check the battery connectivity and the motor connectors under the motor plate.
  11. adox

    Nuprol Delta Recon Alpha

    I've had this gun, which is one of the newer on nuprol's line, for a couple of weeks and honestly it has been great it has an extremely solid build and solid hopup achieving me great range. The gun is completely stock except for the butterfly stock which I replaced for a battle axe stock. Also I use 7.4v lipos. It already has a high torque motor installed but i'm sure you can understand I always will want something bigger and better. Maybe I should keep this solid build and save up for a new gun. Thanks for the feedback anyways.
  12. Hi all, I recently purchased the Nuprol delta recon alpha which I am extremely pleased with. However, as most airsofters are, I want my gun to perform event better. Please can you guys make some suggestions to improve my rifle. I have a very small budget. One thing I really want to improve is the trigger response. Many thanks, Arda
  13. adox

    WE P226 MK25

    All I did to help with fitting it in the holster was simple. Use a hair dryer to heat up the holster put the p226 in the holster if it goes in easily leave it in the holster to cool down. If the p226 does not fit in the holster as easily as you like, remove the gun and heat the holster up some more. After it hardens you will have a convenient holster that is easy to use.
  14. adox

    WE P226 MK25

    HI, I have a we p226 mk25 and was wondering what upgrades could be done to it. I've had a look online but have not seen too much on it. Regards, Arda