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  1. Honestly. they are as strong and rigid as any other stock. With anything you buy there is some movement. However, unless you are looking for it you won't notice it.
  2. Here you go! I think you are looking/ thinking about something like this right? https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/golden-eagle-mcr-lmg-with-2600r-drum-magazine?pv=9251
  3. I only recommended making it yourself. There are tons of people that can do init for you.
  4. It is where they take your gun and use heat 2 pieces of plastic around it to create a perfect fit holster.You can do it with a flashlight too. If you google Kydex holster there are loads of videos that will tell you how to make it yourself! Good luck 👍
  5. I had a look and cannot find one. Have you thought about getting a Kydex holster made?
  6. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-armament-combat-machine-firehawk-m4-stubby?pv=1174
  7. You're charging £50 postage?...
  8. GnG combat machines are always a great starter gun! If you have any luck in finding stock, the new 2.0 version are pretty cool. Make sure to spend decent money of eye protection though, it of course protects your eyes but also determines whether you will have a small fogging issue or go blind during every game. Good Luck and Welcome! -Arda
  9. Pretty sure Whitechapel is closed.
  10. Finished it haha. Great series.
  11. Hi, Have a look at the following link: http://www.airsoftmap.net/skirmish/ This will allow you to see loads of Airsoft sites in the uk. You are quite lucky being there is both woodland and CQB sites near you! In terms of weapons, a GnG CM16 is always a solid starter gun. If you just want to play indoor CQB you could even look at purchasing a pistol instead, have a look at Hi-cappa range for indoor CQB. Best wishes, Arda.
  12. Under 18's are not an issue. The. issue comes when these under 18 and immature and frankly many over 18s are also like this. In terms of themed sites I am not a fan. It would definitely be better if there were themed days or events rather than the same theme every week.
  13. I'll definitely check it out.
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