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  1. Finished it haha. Great series.
  2. Hi, Have a look at the following link: http://www.airsoftmap.net/skirmish/ This will allow you to see loads of Airsoft sites in the uk. You are quite lucky being there is both woodland and CQB sites near you! In terms of weapons, a GnG CM16 is always a solid starter gun. If you just want to play indoor CQB you could even look at purchasing a pistol instead, have a look at Hi-cappa range for indoor CQB. Best wishes, Arda.
  3. Under 18's are not an issue. The. issue comes when these under 18 and immature and frankly many over 18s are also like this. In terms of themed sites I am not a fan. It would definitely be better if there were themed days or events rather than the same theme every week.
  4. I'll definitely check it out.
  5. Sorry, I was referring to the TM G18C AEP. I should have made that more clear
  6. I heard that the TM G18C is great too. However, I also heard that spare mags for it are extremely hard to come by.
  7. I made a mistake in my post, I have the alpha version and have now corrected the post. https://extremeairsoft.co.uk/shop/airsoft-brands/nuprol/nuprol-delta-recon-alpha-m4/
  8. Make/brand: NUPROL DELTA RECON BRAVO – BLACK Any accessories included: Obviously the stock has been replaced with a Nuprol battle-axe one, could include the sight but to be honest the side is very bad so probably not worth it. Cost approx. £234 retail for me and another £20 for the battle axe stock. It would also come with the original metal high cap mag. Pictures:
  9. cannot even go into my profile
  10. Looks awesome. I have never seen people use a flare before... it's pretty cool.
  11. I just wanted the colours to be bright instead of the ugly uk weather colour that the pre photoshop pics had. lol
  12. Hi guys! Just wanted to get some opinions on some pictures I took last time I went airsofting. I have a feeling that I will get some abuse 😂👍 but please bear in mind I just want to have some fun and (at least try to) take some cool pics. So let me know what you think of my loadout and the photos. Thanks!😀
  13. The first issues about not firing and then going to full auto and back to semi is a common problem. It happens when you fire too fast and the anti reversal comes in to play. (at least I am pretty sure). It has nothing to do with the other problem to which I really have no idea. Sorry
  14. In terms of sights, I just turn up to the site early and go to the range to adjust my hop and sight.
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