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  1. Jester_UK


    Yup I was extremely careful about getting the polarity right. My soldering is not great but it did the job. I did a partial disassembly as the fuse is slotted inside next to the hop up and not easy to get to and it had blown. Not sure how but it's now back together and I've put two mid caps through it with no problems. Now I will have a pop at converting my G&G cm16 hopefully with less drama lol.
  2. Jester_UK


    I have just modified my ASP UAR to a deans connector and also changed the connectors on the battery. The rifle was fine before hand, but when I connected up the battery after the mod, the rifle fired one shot and then wouldn't fire again on semi or auto. I connected up a different battery and again it fired one shot and then stopped. I checked the battery on a different rife and it worked fine. I made sure I had the correct polarity on the battery and rifle connectors. I don't really want to take it apart unless I have to so just wanted to check if anybody has any ideas before I do? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Guys Has anybody got any experience of disassembling an ASP UAR. I have looked at Youtube videos which say to separate the upper and lower parts, you just remove the two front body pins, put it on semi and you should be able to pull them apart. I want to change the flash hider, but because ASP for some reason used a grub screw and glued it on, it is apparently easier to remove it with the the upper and lower separated. Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. Is it worth using a laser boresight on my two rifles. G&G raider L with a 4 x ACOG and an ASP UAR with red dot sight. I don't have a long enough garden to zero the sights, especially the ACOG. I presume with a laser boresigh I just zero the sights to the laser? If anybody has any experience or opinions on this, please feel free to chip in.
  5. Now way I can fit batteries in the buffer tube without really bending the wires. Looks like I might have to go for the dremel and epoxy glue lol.
  6. Hi guys Don't know of I'm missing something obvious, but how do I put nunchucks batteries in this crane stock? http://www.khmountain.com/airsoft/product_info.php?cPath=37_57&products_id=5292 The rear plate doesn't come off and the tubes that the batteries would normally fit in are sealed at the back but can be removed from the front of the stock.
  7. ill probably keep the stock and buy and chop down a tight bore inner barrel. Would prefer to have some sort of flash hider to tidy it up and as the threaded bit for the suppressor is inside the hand guard, that shouldnt be a problem.
  8. I have this rifle which I picked up for peanuts. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm-513-m4-ris-suppressed?pv=2610 I have since bought a G&G Combat Machine and am thinking of upgrading the CYMA to a CQB M4. My idea is to fit a shorter tight bore inner barrel and getting rid of the supressor and fitting a normal flash hider to just poke out of the handguard. To do this would I need to replace the hop up and anything else. As this is a cheap rifle to start with I dont want to spend alot of money . Not looking to increase FPS which is around 280 FPS as is, just increase the accuracy a bit. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    I'm looking for an m4 buffer tube with a crane stock. Must include metal washer and long fitting bolt. Not bothered about colour or style as long as it will take 11.1v lipos. Thanks in advance.


    - GB

  10. I have got the hang of it now, but something like a trigger lock should be a doddle for manufacturers to sort out.
  11. On an AEG the easiest option would to have the trigger lock when the last shot is fired. I run mid caps and a couple of times I have ran out and not noticed on my first couple of games. Have got the hang of it now but some some of out of ammo indicator would be good. The ammo counter is at the end of the day just an expensive toy (yes I know everything in airsoft is an expensive you LOL).
  12. Going to give this one a go. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07BWDJ72N/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The one review is from someone using it in an ARP-9 stock so should be ok. Never heard of the brand but ill give it a go.
  13. Hi Guys I have the G&G CM16 with ETU and it is fitted with the ARP-9 stock. The only batteries I have are the 7.4v nunchuck type battery to fit in the crane stock of my CYMA M4. I have heard that the G&G ETU works better with 11.1 LIPO's but even with the Airtech battery extention unit the battery space is seriously cramped. Can anyone recommend from experience which battery will comfortably fit in there. My current batteries just about fit but it is very cramped and I dont want to risk damaging the mosfet. ANy suggestions greatly appreciated. This is the RIF in question https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/product/gg-combat-machine-aeg-cm16-raider-l-2-0e-etu/
  14. My time in the marine cadets and the TA taught me alot about safe handling of weapons and as I let Alex fire my rifle in the back garden he already knows range safety drills, trigger discipline etc. If I do manage to my local site he will be in for a bit of a shock as even airsofting is alot harder than playing the call of duty games lol
  15. Hi guys just bought the above co2 pistol second hand. The pistol is fine but the mag leaks. I thought replacement mags would be easy to get but everybody in the UK seems to be out of stock. I can get them from the US or Canada but postage makes it a bit expensive., so: Does anyone by some miracle have any knocking around Is it possible to repair leaky gas pistol mags Does someone know of anywhere in the UK I can find one Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
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