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  1. Oh Sorry for the delay....This never notified me of a reply.... I've actually only been running the G36 with a LiPo 7.4's and have been going to games at least once a month with it and so far has been pretty good. I liked it so much I stuck with Specna to get an M4... SA-V20:
  2. Thanks Guys! It looks like this bit might work....directly from the Biohazard model: https://www.kyairsoft.com/parts/we-pistols-gbbp/m9-series/biohazard-series-ver-ii/m9-biohazard-ver-ii-full-auto-81.html Might give it ago....Thanks again!
  3. Its actually pinned in and its holding a spring to the whole trigger mechanism. So I can't just remove it, I did just to see how it looks.... As you can see, the new pistol grips go over that bit, but notice the hammer isn't sitting correct due to the spring missing. So the Biohazard M92 must have the same bit without the lanyard hoop? but what to search for to find it?!??
  4. Hey All, Need some help as I'm struggling to find it on google. Does any know what this bit is called? or where to get one withOUT the hoop?? I've bought some pistol grips that cover that, so at the moment won't fit unless I get that 'bit' without the hoop. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks
  5. Ordered 2 RIF's along with some Mags on Friday 17th, turned up yesterday. So pretty good on delivery time. However a mid cap is missing... 😔 Sent off an email, let's see what happens.
  6. My car I will never get rid of...Had since I was 19 (so 11 years now) E36 M3 Evolution I've had many other cars over the years....mainly just to drift with, My current Drift car - Nissan 200sx S14a One of my favourites was just a cheap E36 323i (Now Sold) P.S - the M3 doesn't get Drifted.
  7. Yeah, I am leaning towards those Earmor's. They seem pretty decent, but seems you need to spend another £30 for the PTT? as others apparently do not work.
  8. Hey Guys, Another Question from me..Any one had any dealings with comtac's?? Are Z Tactical (or any other replica) Comtac 2's actually any good, seem to get mixed reviews. Or is it better just going for the proper ones?? Cheers
  9. It seems I never received an order confirmation, checked deleted and junk, nothing....I've just been refreshing the page with this everyday every 5 mins I assumed it would take longer to dispatch with having to downgrade etc but now you've said 4 days, then that's fine, was just getting worried there was a problem (like its actually out of stock) Thanks!
  10. We did an order with Taiwangun - Was dispatched next day and arrived in 4 days. However, the second order is still in 'Processed' since the 6th and is still not dispatched, the difference is this time there is a RIF which we have asked to be downgraded. Should I start getting worried? or is this normal?
  11. I'll pass on the info! Thanks!
  12. We have just found this in italy at a good price, not sure if they ship to UK though?? https://www.ilsemaforo-softair.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=15062&category_id=73&keyword=famas&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=2
  13. This is a bit of a long shot, but maybe you guys know a secret little place......but a friend of mine wants a FAMAS (Cybergun? He doesn't want TM so its easier to upgrade) and is looking to spend around £150. He ordered one on Airsoftworld.net but after a week or so, they finally called up to say they don't have it in stock and refunded. Any one know other places decent to get one from?? We have both gone through pages and pages of google, but its either £200+ or Out of stock.
  14. Gun turned up today, no issues at all. Kept up to date at each stage with emails and tracking was provided. (UPS) The gun being from Poland is a little hot for us at 390 fps. So on the hunt for a new spring.
  15. Sorry to bump a month old thread, but seems Hobby King has been out of stock of the v2 for a while...any one else know where to get a genuine one from? I'm worried about all the Amazon/eBay ones....
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