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  1. They used a lot of different guns tbh, P90 is probably the most iconic but im rewatching the early seasons and there are mostly mp5s, m16s,, some LMGs, some M4s Then in the later seasons you can have the russian teams with AK stuff. Think i would be out of luck with my Scar H though ^^
  2. damn i would love a staff weapon for airsoft
  3. i dunno about that i got shot above my glasses and under my hat on a field today (went to rush silly idea really) got a nice big cut on the ridge above my eyebrow and now a big bump ^^ think id rather take the fingernail
  4. I'm gonna have to join the Vector and Hi Capa hate train
  5. This brings back memories 😂 Used to work on a building site and you had to wear goggles over your glasses which is a special kind of hell on a hot day. I would just go with the rentals the first time and see if he wants to play again before you buy some goggles and start cutting them up. I am so happy that I don't have to put up with this problem anymore, didn't start wearing glasses until I was 18 or so (tried my bosses on and could see so much better lol didn't even know I needed them) its not until you wear glasses that you realose a lot of things are really not glasses friendly. Laser eye surgery the best thing I ever did in my life!
  6. After buying my first gun the TM scar h last month this month I got my first sidearm! (Taking bets on how long it takes to go bankrupt) Got it from Land Warrior Airsoft, it arrived after a couple of days and they didn't ask for ukara (thought that was a bit odd, was half expecting them to send it two tone)
  7. Part of the reason i went to Ace Combat Airsoft for my first game I can log in check the dates and book online, I can book for multiple people with multiple options (different rentals) and pay a deposit for the guns if a friend or two want to play and i can shut the site down fairly confident the game day wont be cancelled or have to check every day to see if stuff changed. All seems so much easier and simpler than stalking facebook groups
  8. I'm curious as to why a lot of airsoft groups/teams and sites focus mostly on facebook I have been looking around for sites nearish to me and it seems a decent number of them only use facebook, some sites don't even have a basic website. I was looking at Bush Vally Airsoft as an example but its just so difficult to find any basic info on the site using facebook! It seems to make so much more sense to have a good website mini rant over, i haven't updated or used my facebook for nearly 10 years and it just seems strange 😂
  9. As an unfit 31 year old fatish dude (5ft 10 circa 16 stone) I was running this last sunday https://www.amazon.co.uk/OneTigris-Advanced-Tactical-Paintball-Multicam/dp/B06XP6HGG2 and felt fine in the heat. Having worn tool belts at work i find them a lot less comfortable than wearing something on the chest plus i just like the look of it it might look silly but i plan to lose weight so it looks less silly! And its pretty handy to hold my larget Scar H mags
  10. I use these for eye pro https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pyramex-I-Force-Slim-Sporty-Goggle/dp/B00PWVBS8A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1529849455&sr=8-1&keywords=Pyramex+I-Force+Slim+Sporty+Dual+Pane+Anti+Fog+Lens+Goggle+(Grey) had no fogging issues so far and i run pretty hot (large dude) I reckon you should have no issues with yours if you just use some anti fog spray/wipes
  11. damn i feel that pain I cant wear shorts because i get bitten so often, they seem to love me Guess i should invest in some anti mosquito repellent before i next play just in case
  12. To get the charge ampage divide your mAh by 1000. So 1450 will be 1.4A (doesnt have 1.45 afaik) charge, 1600mAh at 1.6, 2000mAh will be 2A etc etc and make sure to use the balance lead and setting
  13. Just drove down to Combat South in Portsmouth (about 1.45 hours each way but worth it on a nice sunny day near the sea) and got me my first RIF! and charger and lipos and bbs and 3 extra mags 😂, took me half a year longer to buy my first one than i wanted due to work etc but hey good things come to those who wait
  14. Might have to give TWA a go sometime in the new year (got ukara now so wont have skirmish cash ill be spending it on stuff!!) it sounds pretty good, Its only 20 miles from me which isn't much more than ace combat so shouldn't be a bad run on a sat morning i hope (BUT IT IS ALONG THE M20/25 then a21 ) Ive got a site pretty much 5-10 mins away from my house that i haven't played yet too, so many sites so little time! and ive only played on one and just three times so far to get ukara. This sport/hobby is highly addictive i must say walking through woods and seeing a trip wire rigged up keeps you on your toes and the massive pyros used this weekend to simulate airstrikes etc makes it an experience https://www.facebook.com/AcecombatA/ videos/1743565335675639/ (our starting day charge, had to split the link because it came up as massive)
  15. I know there are a fair few threads about these guns and i have read them but they haven't answered all my questions and i am a noob So i am soon to get my first gun (as i may have annoyed you with talking about previously!) and i was looking at the Scorpion BET carbine which is around £350 but then i saw a TM M4 SOCOM on proairsoft for £370 and it got me interested as it isn't much more money. Now i have no chargers, mags or batteries to worry about converting or if they will be compatible as i have to buy them all anyway so my questions are: The SOCOM is £40 cheaper than the SOPMOD and others and says it doesn't need a lipo conversion as it doesn't use the sopmod style battery? So is it cheaper because its outdated and worse or what? i dont really understand Is the sopmod battery really that bad? The Sopmod and Scars are more expensive £40-100 more than the socom and is recommended a lipo conversion, is this because lipos are so much better or just because most people run lipos and have chargers for lipos? Are Sopmod batteries/chargers vastly more expensive? The magazines on that site are 80 rounds and £20 which doesn't seem like too much as id have to buy normal ones anyway. I mean the only difference between them i can see is the rail and the battery style. Any advice/suggestions?
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