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  1. Before they were banned in the UK I shot the Browning and 1911. The Browning was a fucking awful gun to shoot very wippy too light for it's own good the 1911 was brilliant loved shooting it. No relevance to airsoft of course 🙂
  2. WE P226 x 2 use the black or the tan one 😊
  3. Don't buy anything yet play some games and then buy what others have said suit your game. I played 6 months CQB with primary, high cap mag and a hoodie and cargo pants wolly hat and safety gear.that's it. At 7 months I added a battle belt and secondary and a mag holder for 2 mags and dump pouch. I've just started playing outdoors do now have spent on my first plate carrier setup (longer games more mags needed) which I have also started to wear indoors as well, as it had a little more protection to the front (no plate on the back and stops my mrs from moaning at all the hit marks on my body lol Also spent on Cammo gear for outdoors. Still play CQB in hoodie and cargos. One piece of advice I would give is buy the best you can afford I bough a cheep belt and it lasted 2 games got sick to death of it coming loose and my pistol ending up round my bloody knees.
  4. I'm running bolle goggles x 810 over my standard glasses, which just fit within) get a little steamy after 3 cqb games in a row but work for me :-)
  5. Hi Keldon, I've come from this from the other side I need a backup CQB that I will be playing mix CQB/outdoors. I've gone with a red dot with a flip-to-side magnifier. Strikefire 2 Red dot plus Vortex 3x magnifier great cobo and contrary to the US reviews on it the magnifier does fold down completely flat allowing full left and right eye view when just using the red dot. Some yanks have mounted it in reverse as they didn't think it could fold completely out of the way? My main CQB tool of choice has a Crossfire on it
  6. WE 226 been good, mags have been hit and miss oh and if you get one give the sights a drop of super glue mine have fall off twice BUT the pistol itself has not failed (yet)
  7. Hi Keldon had my first game with it yesterday (Halo Mill) and was a little concerned about the buttons on the sight(left side) taking up too much sight picture but had no problems and really enjoyed it I've the crossfire on my main CQB weapon and between the two like the stikefire more although adjusting the brightness with gloves is a bit of a pain PITA compared to the dial on the crossfire. hope that helps
  8. Bolton.Zippy i'm going for my first time to level2 5th Jan be good to meet up :-)
  9. New sight and torch Happy Christmas to myself lol 😁 Look nice on the M4 😎
  10. tigris style lower mesh & material mask + Bolle x810 upper for you Dye for U18's
  11. TBH I'm just getting into it and as hobbies go it's pretty cheap IMO (this is all relative to salary of course). I've played for 9 games and just gone through 1 bottle of Blaster BB's (.25's) and a 1 1/3 cans of gas that's playing 1/2 days CQB in semi 🙂 £15.00 walk on for 4 hours of fun (now I'm a member) and bought a half decent gun G&G M4 £300.00 ish and a WE P226 £90.00 both are working well.Plus mags etc... of course. Travel is about £15.00 in juice per game. Prior to Airsoft I did mountain biking half decent 2nd hand good full suspension bike and your looking north of £1K new your looking at £2.5 K plus! for a Tokyo Marui grade in the mountain bike world new you would be starting at £4.5K. Plus a couple of sets of tyres (£30 - £50 each a year, new chains (2-3 at £23.00 each) 1 cassette and so on and so forth plus to ride the really good stuff Lakes, North Wales etc it was £50.00 a day in fuel. So based on what I used to do i find it great value for money 🙂
  12. TBH I've a 1 point and while it doesn't hold it tight against you if you have it set high meaning the butt plate is at chest height when primary is released I've never had any bother when switching to pistol 🙂
  13. Siby_ybis Not sure mate I'm not on facebook I usually just ring up mid week and book 😊 Ballist1x I usually go most Saturday mornings (not this Sat though) pm me if your going to go 🙂
  14. There a great gun using mine to great effect CQBing and Halo mill 🙂
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