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  1. Death fighter

    Spraying a rifle two tone

    They have agreed to send half the money as a deposit as I stated I didn't want to be left with a two tone rifle. ill check if he has any defence too.
  2. Death fighter

    Spraying a rifle two tone

    Hi all, someone has offered to buy my gun but wants me to spray it two tone as they have no ukara? Just a quick question is it legal and does anyone know where sprays them. thanks in advance
  3. Death fighter

    Patch makers

    Hi all, Wanting to get some patches made and was just asking if anyone knows any decent places/websites etc. Thanks in advance
  4. Death fighter

    Tokyo Marui mp5a4 high grade

    Hi all, I took my tm mp5a4 into a shop this weekend for a few bits and bobs. The shock on the shop owners face when I pulled it out the bag was pretty amazing lol he seems to think these are pretty rare. My opinions were more of well I'm sure there really not that hard to come across, so thought I'd ask the question. Are they rare or did he not have a clue what he was doing lol
  5. Death fighter

    Plate carrier setup

    Hi all, Looking to get myself a plate carrier and just wanted abit of info. Price isn't really a big deal but at long as it's not stupid (£200+) Would it be better to buy one with pouches fitted or separate? Where's the best place to buy one and pouches? Thanks
  6. Death fighter

    Jammed gearbox

  7. Death fighter

    The gaol oakham

    A few regulars play in all black anyway. My friend has a scorpion evo the trigger response is insane!
  8. Death fighter

    Jammed gearbox

    Did all of the above and we had a WORKING gearbox!! Then realised the reverse latch Spring had came off put it back on, now the god damn things jamming in a different position now! Will try again tommorow lol
  9. Death fighter

    The gaol oakham

    Woodland, big site, loads of cover and great game modes. Highly recommended
  10. Death fighter

    Jammed gearbox

    I'll have a check later at both them points buddy and let you know how I get on. Thanks for the help
  11. Death fighter

    Jammed gearbox

    And yes once locked the motor still cycles
  12. Death fighter

    Jammed gearbox

    Thanks for the help, The gears are fine checked them no scuffs or broken pieces. The motor works fine. Selector plate does have a copper strip. https://i.imgur.com/LpTOp8N.jpg https://i.imgur.com/HWEUKQq.jpg https://i.imgur.com/iUL7Gjl.jpg As u can see from the pictures, that is were it locks up every time
  13. Death fighter

    The gaol oakham

    Matlock is also my regular site, so I second that 👍🏻
  14. Death fighter

    The gaol oakham

    Great site, however the waiting times between games at a weekend is waaayyyy too long. Last time I went I ended up leaving early. There waiting times were getting on for 40-50 minutes in between every game
  15. Death fighter

    Jammed gearbox

    Still haven't fixed this god damn gearbox!! It literally had all new internal parts and still jams on every pull of the trigger??????