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  1. CiderPunk

    Novritsch ssp1 should i buy it?

    I've used mine exclusively the last few months because the C02 mags perform better in the cold than my green gas pistols, as long as you don't leave any BB gaps when filling the mags it's reliable, but it'll jam if there are any gaps be warned. oh and have a valve tool handy to tighten down the valves every now and then, for €135 its a solid performing pistol.
  2. CiderPunk

    Cop9gun.com Hong Kong store

    They have one ugly as all hell site, but in desperation I ordered 3 Double Eagle UMP mags from these guys Tuesday last week and they arrived this morning from HK, very nicely packed, they also emailed saying they'd be arriving today and to get back to them if it didn't. The mags were £9 each, and shipping was another £9 so it all worked out cheaper than patrol base.. if they ever had them in stock. So all in all I'd defo order from them again, I imagine if I'd ordered more I'd have been stung with import duty, they have for example, the JG MP5K I wanted for £80... hmmmm
  3. CiderPunk

    SWAS Airsoft

    ...and now they're sold out again, @CES_williamson what's going on?
  4. CiderPunk

    SWAS Airsoft

    So uh... still waiting on that JG mp5k Doesn't say it's out of stock here: https://www.swasairsoft.co.uk/shop-online/ although that fluctuates randomly throughout the day.
  5. CiderPunk

    Viable Ares Striker AS02 upgrades

    Yeah guess i'll try that nub, £6.50 for a tiny bit of rubber! the AA chamber is a pretty tight fit in the receiver and outer barrel so I don't think it's tilting thanks!
  6. CiderPunk

    Viable Ares Striker AS02 upgrades

    hah yeah good shout, 60 degree autobot, firing 0.32s...i had a load of 0.4s but they turned out to be black when they arrived so I can't see where they're going
  7. CiderPunk

    Viable Ares Striker AS02 upgrades

    I fitted an AA hop chamber, an AA hop wheel, and an Autobot bucking to my otherwise stock AS02 on Saturday, I filed the bridge off my stock barrel, and went with the cylindrical nub that came with the AA chamber. got to the field Sunday, and it's like the hop isn't engaging at all? it's clocking at 430fps, but on a normal ballistic trajectory, so rounds just plop to the ground 20 meters or so away. do i need a maple leaf nub for that setup?
  8. CiderPunk

    Good skirmish AEG

    I spent 3 hours last week hack-sawing and dremeling the old model to fit my AS02! so glad.
  9. CiderPunk

    SWAS Airsoft

    their sites down and I don't have my mp5 yet
  10. CiderPunk

    SWAS Airsoft

    w00 i'll get me a JG MP5k then!
  11. CiderPunk

    Rambo Airsoft

    on the home page: "Populate this marketing banner to advertise a special promotion such as: Save 20% this weekend!" that'd be a nice idea!
  12. CiderPunk

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    IKR. when you have 20+ players standing around for 25 mins twiddling their thumbs you're doing something wrong
  13. CiderPunk

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Boring unimaginative games that take too long, e.g. this weekend we played defend and fallback, we had three positions to hold, I, in all my tactical glory, got knocked out in the first 5 mins of each by snipers, it took the enemy team half an hour to clear each position 'cos their snipers don't move much, and my teams snipers hid in the thick bushes. net result i got a total of 15 out of 90 mins game time sat in various puddles with my goggles steaming up waiting for them to turn up. About three quarter of players went home immediately after - a whole hour early! Could have been mitigated by giving the opposition a focus to attack, e.g. get to a bomb or something.
  14. CiderPunk

    The Airsoft Second Hand Market

    omg i just saw it, that poor gun
  15. CiderPunk

    Re-usable grenade recommendation

    Haha "It didn't go off mate.." *BOOM* " ..oh" always a highlight of my day