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  1. CiderPunk

    SWAS Airsoft

    w00 i'll get me a JG MP5k then!
  2. CiderPunk

    Rambo Airsoft

    on the home page: "Populate this marketing banner to advertise a special promotion such as: Save 20% this weekend!" that'd be a nice idea!
  3. CiderPunk

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    IKR. when you have 20+ players standing around for 25 mins twiddling their thumbs you're doing something wrong
  4. CiderPunk

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Boring unimaginative games that take too long, e.g. this weekend we played defend and fallback, we had three positions to hold, I, in all my tactical glory, got knocked out in the first 5 mins of each by snipers, it took the enemy team half an hour to clear each position 'cos their snipers don't move much, and my teams snipers hid in the thick bushes. net result i got a total of 15 out of 90 mins game time sat in various puddles with my goggles steaming up waiting for them to turn up. About three quarter of players went home immediately after - a whole hour early! Could have been mitigated by giving the opposition a focus to attack, e.g. get to a bomb or something.
  5. CiderPunk

    The Airsoft Second Hand Market

    omg i just saw it, that poor gun
  6. CiderPunk

    Re-usable grenade recommendation

    Haha "It didn't go off mate.." *BOOM* " ..oh" always a highlight of my day
  7. CiderPunk

    Re-usable grenade recommendation

    I have a Dynatex and a SWAT VTG, The VTG took 3 uncommunicative months to arrive and whilst it works, the pin scrapes bits of the orange case off when I re-prime it, which is worrying and it's actually failed on me one time. The Dynatex is a bit lighter, and slightly smaller so it fits snugly in a osprey frag grenade pouch, it's never let me down and feels solid after 6 months of use. the VTG might be slightly louder using 209s, that's the only thing going for it
  8. CiderPunk

    The last AFUK Mall event

    That was top fun yesterday, thanks to all who arranged it! wish i'd gone to the Mall earlier, time to write a terrible review
  9. CiderPunk

    Large head goggles

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bolle-PILOPSI-Pilot-Safety-Goggle/dp/B000VDLP4G these guys will fit over a pair of glasses and are quite comfy on my fairly large noggin, and won't break the bank
  10. CiderPunk

    Competitive Airsoft

    Why not just limit everyone to 1 mid cap per 4min game? that'd stop the spamming
  11. CiderPunk

    Competitive Airsoft

    There's tactics to it i'm sure, at indoors events these guys dive and slide along the floor and around corners so there's definitely more to it than just hammering the trigger. games are extremely short so there's no time to get in a stalemate pewpewing at each other down an alley; they're always looking to outmanoeuvre the other team. and imo that's a skill I'm way too old for that kinda crap but it has an appeal
  12. CiderPunk

    Competitive Airsoft

    haha freaky!
  13. CiderPunk

    Anti-fog fan goggles idea

    yeah i think yer right, late night crazy ideas are crazy!
  14. CiderPunk

    Anti-fog fan goggles idea

    I had an idea for anti-fogging goggles, how does this sound... Rather than attaching the fan to the front of the goggles, where real estate is tight and possibly distracting, have the fan and battery pack attached to the goggles strap, behind your head, and pipe the air flow in silicone pipes to the front. e.g. A 5v blower fan, one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5015-50mm-Turbine-Blower-Cooling-Fan-5V-12V-24V-DC-3D-Printer-/162547920907?var= a small usb power bank, a foot or so of 10mm OD , 8mm ID pipe, cable tied/hotglued to the top of my bolle X800 frame blasting the air downwards onto the lens via some holes drilled into the tube. 3d printed adaptors to fit the pipe on the end of the fan and some sort of enclosure to make it look a bit less crap Conventional wisdom has any fans sucking the rather than blowing, but I don;t think that'd work remotely. worth a try or batshit insnae?
  15. CiderPunk

    SSP1, aka Hi-Capa

    crap i may have accidentally bought one