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  1. Techbrigade is usually very long range, and generally has a mature and honest player base
  2. Tech Brigade Sundays every two weeks http://www.techbrigade.org/game-dates/
  3. Nuprol by all accounts make a crap, very prone to shattering bb, but i'll give 'em one thing, they make a damn fine bottle! I empty all the good non-exploding BBs i get that come in bags into those bottle they've lasted years.... oh wait i think I've found a flaw in your plan
  4. How would you police that? they're little white balls!
  5. CiderPunk

    KWA TK .45

    Bespoke airsoft have reviewed it too
  6. I'd try this one maybe https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Metal-Excavator-Mount-NVG-Helmet-Base-Tripods-Connector-for-Gopro-1-2-3-4/223321885514?hash=item33ff058b4a:g:dIsAAOSwImRYEGnx or I can print you one next time i dust off the stupid thing, it'll be bright red however
  7. I have an FMA airframe helmet which is prolly the same one you have, I 3D printed this badboy: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2757700 it holds the camera upside down which stops the camera pitching forwards under it's own weight and filming your feet. a common shortfall of bottom mounted holders.
  8. I bought the tan one of those! it's great but it's currently in a UPS truck going back to airsoftworld so they can fix the semi auto firing a 3 rounds a squeeze, IMO it's not a great first gun because the mags are universally terrible / expensive. you have to be quite a forgiving airsofter to deal with it's shortcomings, but it's damn cool looking gun and shoots like a laser. Am I going to have trouble with it? i thought they were fairly similar inside?
  9. sure the wires aren't on the motor the wrong way round?
  10. oooh i was looking for one of these exploded diagrams for ages! very helpful thanks, I have the version with the fold out stock so it might be specific to that, It can't be anything critical, cheers
  11. I run one of these in mine https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-2000mah-2s-15-25c-lipo-airsoft-pack-1.html fits perfect and should last all day!
  12. So i took apart my new JG mp5k to replace the spring - it was firing 370, and have got it back together having replaced the spring and adjusted the AOE and everything, so now it fires... 50fps. not my finest work! anyway when i took it apart this sprung out and I've no idea where it goes or what it does:
  13. I've used mine exclusively the last few months because the C02 mags perform better in the cold than my green gas pistols, as long as you don't leave any BB gaps when filling the mags it's reliable, but it'll jam if there are any gaps be warned. oh and have a valve tool handy to tighten down the valves every now and then, for €135 its a solid performing pistol.
  14. They have one ugly as all hell site, but in desperation I ordered 3 Double Eagle UMP mags from these guys Tuesday last week and they arrived this morning from HK, very nicely packed, they also emailed saying they'd be arriving today and to get back to them if it didn't. The mags were £9 each, and shipping was another £9 so it all worked out cheaper than patrol base.. if they ever had them in stock. So all in all I'd defo order from them again, I imagine if I'd ordered more I'd have been stung with import duty, they have for example, the JG MP5K I wanted for £80... hmmmm
  15. ...and now they're sold out again, @CES_williamson what's going on?
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