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  1. Goggles!

    I took a few to the OT lower mesh mask last week, I was spitting out gritty bits of paint from the inside for a while, wouldn't want them in my eye!
  2. Right hand, left eye dominant

    I've got some of that kicking around, if this does fog up i'll stick in on with that!
  3. Right hand, left eye dominant

    if you keep the polycarb flush with the frame, hopefully nothing will get in that'll need cleaning...hopefully
  4. Right hand, left eye dominant

    Quite happy with how that came out! Used M3 bolts, pro-tip, drill the poly-carbonate first, then mark and drill the aluminium, would have been a lot easier with a drill press!
  5. Spudude

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: very helpful and communicative, smooth transaction, quick delivery, gun was as described, thanks a lot!
  6. Right hand, left eye dominant

    I'll go for 4, I like the look of rogerborg's
  7. Right hand, left eye dominant

    https://www.thepolycarbonatestore.co.uk these guys will do a 50mm x 300mm 6mm thick polycarbonate for £1.22 I figure i can hacksaw lengths off and have some spare unfortunately it's £9.95 shipping
  8. Right hand, left eye dominant

    nice! I'm gonna have a go at that cheers
  9. Right hand, left eye dominant

    That sounds really cool! do you use a drill press for that? or can i do it with my home-gamer hand drill?
  10. Airsoft Events Uk Directory

    http://www.worthingairsoft.co.uk/calendar.php http://holmbushevents.co.uk/combat-zones/airsoft/
  11. Airsoft Events Uk Directory

    Tactical Warfare Airsoft: https://www.tacticalwarfare.co.uk/