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  1. CiderPunk

    Case for multiple pistols

    i thought this was gonna be a serious discussion about rollin' with guns akimbo
  2. CiderPunk

    How to tell when you've been shot with a hot gun?

    surely 1.3 joules of energy transferred over the same surface area would feel the same regardless of the weight/speed? this calls for practical experimentation!
  3. CiderPunk

    Are gas powered rifles effective

    I have 2 KWC CO2 pistols, both of which needed modding to bring them down to a UK legal FPS limit. So in my experience that's unfounded. of course it probably depends on the make you buy!
  4. CiderPunk

    The last AFUK Mall event

    The later date is best for me, but I cant vote again
  5. CiderPunk

    The last AFUK Mall event

    I'm be down for that! I'd be kicking myself if i never got to play the Mall! rollin' solo
  6. Chrono guns using the BB weight they'll actually be using in game!
  7. CiderPunk

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    Do it! worst case you can ship the bits to me and I'll put it back together, (NO WARRANTY) i'll print some more tonight and post you a couple, DM me your address
  8. CiderPunk

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    yeah it's a shiny metal bit with a yellow O-ring around the end on mine, locked in place with pin1, it's tiny but you just push it through, it's easy to reinstall so take a look
  9. CiderPunk

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    you kids with yer interwebnets! ...no it is not sadly, there's 2 tiny pins, one holds like a piston head (PIN1) on, and the other (pin2) stretches a spring quite deep inside, so you need quite fine tweezers to hook the loop of the spring over it. you can take the piston head bit out and push it into the other half of the cylinder assembly, (not pictured), that the spring of doom is attached to, whilst hooking pin2 on the spring, the retrieve it and lock it in with pin1
  10. CiderPunk

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    you have three Lugers?? I can post you the printed part
  11. CiderPunk

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    Quite pleased with that! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2970912
  12. CiderPunk

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    So I opened up the cylinder assembly, completely, there's one hairy bit re-assembling where a spring that has to hook onto a pin down the bottom of a blind hole, which I eventually managed with some long pointy tweezers, I don't think I'd recommend it though! I extracted the floating valve, took some measurements and re-assembled to check i could, and it still worked, So now i'm going to design and print a custom valve pin - bulking it out a bit to restrict the flow, and see how that goes! prolly a weekend project
  13. CiderPunk

    lowering fps on a co2 pistol

    I caved and bought one of these, it arrived yesterday clocking at 390fps. looking at the blueprints it has the floating valve thing, but I can't find a way to get to it, the cylinder assembly looks a mess of springs and pins that I imagine is not gonna be easy to re-assemble, but i'll have a go tonight!
  14. I think i'm gonna try out battle lakes!
  15. Last week at Red 1 was pretty dire tbh, we spent more time in the safe zone and waiting for people to get out then playing, and tempers we're really frayed towards the end so it ended rather abruptly a half hour early. I've had much better days there!