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  1. Do you think this motor would be good for it ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/G-P-M100-Ultra-Custom-Efficiency-Motor-for-90-120-Spring-GP-OTH038/332676136040?hash=item4d750afc68:g:JeEAAOSwk-1Z~~SM I have found the other stuff you mentioned with this seller so it would be nice. But I don't know the exact parameters needed and i don't know if the gear set can handle it or not.
  2. Thank you guys for the help
  3. Ok I'm sorry let me rephrase this. I would like to buy an Airsoft P90. (because I like it) Which, from the following are better compared to each other in price vs quality ? CYMA 060, or Cybergun FN P90 I am not interested in any other airsoft in this topic, I am just making my research about this and exclusively this two guns. I am only asking this in a forum like so because I couldn't find any research about these particular products, to reinforce my purchase with information. On the other hand, I would probably consider to buy a different gun but only if I see that these are 100% garbage and that I cannot shoot a single BB out of them. But I will Look after that myself (mostly because I hate the generic looks of M4-AK and G36) Thank you for your answers
  4. Well my question originally was which should I chose between these two because of my money limitations. (that is why I'm not really interested in other possibilities and of course I have looked through all of them ) Also the question was If the two p90s are the same or not and if not, does it worth to buy the Cybergun over the plain CYMA. I'm not planning to upgrade anything at the moment as it will be a starter not even the spring since I am Hungarian and we can have 400 fps. thanks for your answers.
  5. Hi everyone. I am about to buy an Arisoft as I'm kinda getting into it and the P90 really got me. I have ( or at least as much as I could) made my research of which would be worth it most for a beginner weapon. I came across 2 of the possible guns but I really don't know the scenario here. So I found a CYMA and I know its a cheap brand and so on, but God It is really cheap as I can get one for 90 €. But than I found another one. What is a Cybergun labeled only, ( possibly CYMA too) but for double price. It has the licenses and everything. I have checked some videos and actually held the cybergun in my hand, and it seems that they have different internals and so. My question is, If anyone knows how and what are these 2 p90 different and which should I buy in price comparison. Thanks for your help.
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