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  1. Considering the popularity of the John Wick Films, does anyone think that after JW3 there will be a custom GBB/AEG of his rifle? Looks pretty bad ass 😋
  2. I did some digging a week or so ago and found a Taran Tactical TM Hi Capa custom kit, it's expensive though and doesn't come with just the slide. Maybe you could ask them? Looks pretty dope but doesn't have the Bronze BLC outer barrel coating like the John Wick 3/TTI STI does. There could be another manufacturer that may release this for cheaper like the G34 TTI had after JW2 came out. I'm sure there will be loads of requests for this Hi Capa after JW3. One can only hope! Link: https://www.octagonairsoft.com/product-page/scorpio-tech-custom-john-wick-3-combat-master-full-cnc-high-capacity-gbb-pistol%E7%9A%84
  3. Salz007

    Laser Ammo

    No, I'm interested in it. Would be pretty cool to have a couple of reflective targets set up in my house for like CQB training
  4. Salz007

    Laser Ammo

    Hello Airsoft Community just had a couple questions here regarding laser ammo, parts and function, which I haven't been able to find effectively online. I've stumbled upon something called laser ammo, from what I've read and looked up it uses a recoil enabled light to switch the laser on/off from the use of blow-back. You're only supposed to switch out the outer barrel and there's no need for an inner barrel as the outer barrel has that recoil enabled system inside it. This allows for shooting at reflective targets indoors or even outdoors without having to deal with the mess of bbs and ricochets, for someone who either is unable to shoot outdoors or indoors for whatever reason and to also enable blow-back effect. My first question, which I've also looked into, is the question of dry firing. I understand some people's views regarding this and some say one thing or the other but the general synthesis is that it is not good for you GBB airsoft gun. Airsoftology has a good explanation of this on his YouTube channel. The question is though from the use of this laser ammo system with different outer barrel with this inner recoil enabled laser system does that change the outcome at all? Why or why not? My second question is, if you no longer have a inner barrel does this change the mechanics of the GBB pistol? I.E. would it increase wear on the internal parts or would it decrease as less contact with the blow-back unit? Links to product and video assembly below. Interested in what other people think. And would anyone ever use this? Link to laser ammo - http://store.laser-ammo.com/airsoft.html Video installation - UPDATE: I've sent out a cheeky email to the company to get a bit more information and they say that, "The replacement barrel simulates the effect of having a round in the chamber, so it would not count as dry firing the airsoft pistol".
  5. pellgun oil seems to be the most readily available in America, not sure if one is actually better than the other, could be preference, not 100% sure. I just use silicone oil on my revolver's seal and on the Co2 prior to use, each time. For longer storage the Umarex german guy's video suggests that every 3 months just shoot a Walther Maintenance Capsule just to keep it lubed, amazon link below: Walther Lubricating Capsules Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Umarex-Walther-Maintenance-Capsules-x5/dp/B0054YAE2G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1546282658&sr=8-1&keywords=walther+co2+maintenance
  6. Hello again fellow Airsofters, many thanks to those who've replied to my other posts - they've been really helpful for a noob such as I. My next airsoft question is in regards to a modification. I'm really stuck on it and can't find any solutions on here or on google or youtube. I have a TM G34 airgun. I bought a magazine base extension (see in photo 1 + 2) but there is no hole for me to place air for the magazine and therefore need to take off the mag extension. However on two out of the three magz there is no hook for me to easily take off the extension on (see photo 3 + 4), but in (photos 5 + 6 + 7) there is a hook. I'm wondering how to add an extension onto the mechanism of the magazine to allow for easy on/off for the mag bases. I really like these mag basses and don't have any equipment to put holes in the bottom of it (for fear of destroying them) and just thinking of a quick easy fix on it (perhaps super glue something onto it to allow for a hook mechanism?) I'm unsure. Any thoughts and ideas VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! THANK YOU ALL!
  7. That's looking nice. Yah that's similar design. I'm also in contact with http://www.pistol-leather.co.uk/Holsters Rigs Belts.htm
  8. I apologise in advance as I am new to this. What's the best way to make an indoor shooting range? What materials do I use? And what can I use to make sure bbs don't fly everywhere, need something that catches bbs when they drop/ricochet. And lastly, what's best to use for targets? Many thank yous! New Airsofter Salz007
  9. Ya just the Revolver holster that clips to the back of a belt like system. Thank you for the information! You wouldn't happen to have a website that you sell your holsters do you?
  10. Hi Everyone! I just got a quick question. I got a Umarex Colt SAA custom shop edition (like the one from Expendables) however I've been searching the internet for a similar holster for it (see photos below). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a similar make yet (leather based that goes through belt at back). If anyone knows a place that can make custom holsters or has a similar one (for revolver only) then would you kindly please link me. Many thanks! New Airsofter Salz007
  11. What's the best way to make an indoor shooting range? What materials do I use? And what can I use to make sure bbs don't fly everywhere? I need something that can catch bbs when they ricochet. Lastly, what's best to use for targets?? Many thanks, New Airsofter Salz007
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