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  1. Salz007

    Custom Revolver Holster - Expendables

    That's looking nice. Yah that's similar design. I'm also in contact with http://www.pistol-leather.co.uk/Holsters Rigs Belts.htm
  2. Salz007

    Indoor shooting Range

    Simple & easy, I like it
  3. Salz007

    Custom Revolver Holster - Expendables

    Yah send some pics, that would be great!
  4. Salz007

    Indoor shooting Range

    I apologise in advance as I am new to this. What's the best way to make an indoor shooting range? What materials do I use? And what can I use to make sure bbs don't fly everywhere, need something that catches bbs when they drop/ricochet. And lastly, what's best to use for targets? Many thank yous! New Airsofter Salz007
  5. Salz007

    Custom Revolver Holster - Expendables

    1 million & 1 thanks!!!
  6. Salz007

    Custom Revolver Holster - Expendables

    Ya just the Revolver holster that clips to the back of a belt like system. Thank you for the information! You wouldn't happen to have a website that you sell your holsters do you?
  7. Hi Everyone! I just got a quick question. I got a Umarex Colt SAA custom shop edition (like the one from Expendables) however I've been searching the internet for a similar holster for it (see photos below). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a similar make yet (leather based that goes through belt at back). If anyone knows a place that can make custom holsters or has a similar one (for revolver only) then would you kindly please link me. Many thanks! New Airsofter Salz007
  8. Salz007

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    What's the best way to make an indoor shooting range? What materials do I use? And what can I use to make sure bbs don't fly everywhere? I need something that can catch bbs when they ricochet. Lastly, what's best to use for targets?? Many thanks, New Airsofter Salz007
  9. Salz007

    Customisation - Airsoft

    Thank you! Yes I want it to be super close to John Wicks gun, almost identical if possible. What are good used airsoft websites? So are you suggesting not to go for the kit? The kit costs $520 (American dollars), not sure what additional fees would be when it arrives into the UK. I'm not even sure where to begin with the customisation: the custom stippling, find the TTI magwell, slide, outer barrel, etc. Seems super easy for an experienced person, it's SUPER alien to me. I apologise for the 1 million questions, noob is I. Thank you again for your assistance! Very grateful!!! New Airsofter Salz007
  10. Hello AirsoftUK, I am new to all of this and was wanting to ask a question and need YOUR help! If that's okay ^^ I was thinking of getting a G17, the one form John Wick 2 (see attached pictures), however it's just the kit, doesn't come with trigger and other parts? I was thinking of waiting for the new Umarex Elite Force G17 to come out to do some customisations on it, or see if the trigger and parts fits on the kit, however I am unsure if only Tokyo Marui parts work on this kit as it's made for it. My question is, does anyone know of any customisation places that can assist me with this or know of any places that can answer my question. I am currently unable to do customisations due to lack of skill, as well as I'm not good at using tools (for now). If someone would kindly let me know, I would be very grateful! A million thanks! New Airsofter Salz007