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  1. Can't find decent m4 mag pouches :(

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    2. alxndrhll


      Aye, which is made more confusing by the 'Fits one M4/M16 magazine, alternatively one M14 or G36 mag, or any magazine in similar size. ' in the description haha.

    3. Shaydee


      I've just been using cheapo condor open top (the ones with the bungee cord retention) on my belt setup. Outdoor in pissing it down rain, brambles, mud, all sorts and have been working fine for me the past few years. That's including me swapping them out with a budget taiwangun pistol mag pouch for my VSR mags pretty much every game. Not really something that would fit the 'look' though I imagine 😄

    4. Skara


      Thanks for the suggestions :D


      I have been using those condor cheapo ones for ages and they performed relatively well, but I am slowly replacing all the clone pouches with the real deal (getting rid of those too).


      KYWIs are impossible to find.


      In the meantime, I have found Helikon competition pouches and Templars TACO clones, both reasonably priced. I have abandoned the quest for closed top pouches because it's either TMC or Crye with not much choice in between -.-

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