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    Ares AM013 and 009, Striker AS02, ARP 9 and a SSX 23.
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    Whatever I can find that doesn't smell like rotting corpses (thanks mom for washing my clothes <3 )
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    La Spezia, Italy
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    Scuba Diving, Ski, MTB, Bushcraft, Mechanical stuff, Architecture.

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    2. Skara


      Posted screenshots into the blog thread 

    3. Robert James

      Robert James

      I don't understand..  guess I'm missing what you're talking about 

    4. Skara



      This thread, I posted the screenshots from that FB link in there if you want to take a look.


      The FB post hasn't been removed though, but it's in a private group you many not be a member of (sniper ops), this would explain why you can't see it.

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