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  1. Found my old ICS inner barrel.

    185mm long, not sure about the diameter but I suspect a 6.08/6.05, has a nice grey finish, made of aluminium (or aluminum?).


    It's just 5 centimetres longer than my ARP inner (128mm, shit finish).


    Shall I go for a swap?

    1. Asomodai


      ICS stock barrels are actually fairly good and definitely an upgrade on the ARP. It is Aluminium but very nicely made considering. 5CM will make a fair amount difference, you might want to check your FPS on full auto as the cylinder might not be matched. 

    2. Skara


      Swapped barrels, it falls just short of my sound hog.


      (Terribad pic, I know)


      If this setup ends up working well, I will get a 5.5cm barrel extension machined next week so the whole inner is covered and I can use a madbull gemtech can.

      It looks good with the trademarks and, in a minimal way, muffles the muzzle sound.


      Believe it or not but at range it actually worked on my old ICS.


      Also yeah, I'll have to check the fps and correct the cylinder volume ratio/cut down the spring.

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