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  1. Festivities like Halloween.


    Those days in which people who have disappeared for months and avoided any kind of contact from you suddenly resurrect from the depths of oblivion they jumped in head first, only to drag your tired ass from a 12h nonstop work day into a town that's dead 360 days a year, surrounded by crowds of teenagers looking to get drunk and have sex with someone they won't even remember if it's a male or female, followed by people with no less than 50 years desperately trying to achieve the same.


    I fucking love festivities.


    Also these sons of bitches are fucking late as always and it's pouring like hell.


    Thank God I'm moving back to my parents tomorrow because I've finally found a decent paying job.


    So I can buy a house.

    On top of a mountain.

    And not having to deal with all this shit ever again.






    Or maybe I just need to see a psychologist.

    1. DrAlexanderTobacco


      You can always turn down social invitations


      But yeah therapy seems like a good shout

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