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  1. Ran the TM SOPMOD all day today...I'm not blown away by it.  Apart from the recoil (which is nice) I'm not seeing anything about it that's better than my G&G & ICS guns atm...  One thing I did notice, the recoil uses a lot of juice.. My 2600 Mah 7.4 Titan battery ran out by the last game.  😮


    Going to run it again next weekend.  Will break it down and give it a good clean as well..(Didn't even check the barrel)

    1. EvilMonkee


      *Enlightment has dawned on this Padawan* 


    2. AK47frizzle


      Recoils are overrated :))) People buy them because they want a good gun they dont want to touch on the inside. Literally a cheapo cyma with an upgraded hop and barrel will outperform it. Especially, if it's a maxx chamber (took mine out for a spin today, was epic af)

    3. Monkman


      Once I fix my ICS (again) it has a MAXX hop unit in it...will be interesting to compare the two.

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