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    KWA Glock 18c
    G&G Pistol M4
    Franchi SAS 12 Shorty
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    black cqb gear + black molle vest
    BDPM kit inc sas smock + bdpm viper vest
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    Combat south woodland- Wickham
    First and Only The Mall- Reading
    UCAP Bunker- Portsdown Hill
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    Airsoft, motorsport, and offroading

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  1. I Just got a G&G GR16 CRW today and it is a little beast and i cant wait to test it out at the mall reading tomoz. As always the wife wasn't to happy but hey what are husbands for.
  2. Was that ris with the gun when u got it or is it one u have added if so how also what make is it?????
  3. Found these guys and they have no minimum order! http://www.designsalike.co.uk/embroidery-services.htm may be worth a look?
  4. All of those ideas are cracking and for say a donation fee of 10 or over will get you a afuk supporter title and all orher perks such as give aways and raffles etc and any contributions say under 10 will maybee give u reductions in price on some sites. Obv ud have to set up advertising with companys in exchange for discount. From were im standing people are making the right noises so i think this shuld be set up!
  5. Thanks for the warning about this site hope all works out well
  6. These ideas are an exellent way to ensure this sites survival. My kit car club produce callenders of those willing to put forward piks of there motors, the same could be done for members and their loadouts. Its all a way of giving us a way of supporting the web site we value so much by contributing a bit of cash and it keeps people keen on the site and game. Just a thought but this is def a good thing to do for us to all get involved in and support airsoft-forums!
  7. Definatly be the top 1 for me i think and i may even be able to get these made if who ever is setting this up hits a blank.
  8. Personally it's a bit over the top! But let's not even compare these guys to sas! The sas selection is the hardest selection in the British army I did p company when I was in and that was an absolute ruiner. I could hit a mile and a half in sub 8mins and tab just as well! I wouldn't even think about selection it's a whole different ball game! You go through seriouse physical and mental hits that 90% of the armys toughest and fittest fail. If these guys are ex military then what they are providing is no different to a military weekend that some people go on and not anything that matches sas selection
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