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  1. Shaun Haynes

    Quickest selling after buying

    Nuprol gun was about a week
  2. Shaun Haynes

    Selling my pyro

    That seems like a lot of hasslw to post them. So should be ok to sell and do collection or deal in person as long as over 18
  3. Shaun Haynes

    Selling my pyro

    This isnt a sales post im asking if i can acatully sell them
  4. Shaun Haynes

    Selling my pyro

    Wp40s Thunderflashes Eg18
  5. Shaun Haynes

    Selling my pyro

    So im slowly giving up airsoft and i have quite a lot of pyro that i dont need and or want where do i stand on selling it on?
  6. Shaun Haynes

    Trmr and multishot

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
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    Trmr and multishot for sale More pics on request 85 to your door


  7. Shaun Haynes

    Weapon 762 vs spirtitus

    Been all other there instagram story. Not saying they dont have a copy right. Not saying whos right and wrong here but Just seem like a very unprofessional way to go about it from both companies.
  8. Shaun Haynes

    Weapon 762 vs spirtitus

    Anyone else seen the shot fired by spirtitus at weapon 762 because they "stole" the mini chest rig and are making a clone of i like they did hs d3cr rig. I get there annoyed that the idea has been cloned but surely if they never copyrighted or patented it they dont have a leg to stand on. Personly i think a lot of company's steal idea from each other now anyway. Plus not everyone want to spent the bigger bucks that a real steel sprititus one cost
  9. Shaun Haynes

    Replica Comtac II's any good?

    Hqd z tqc battery life was awful aboit 4 hours sold them on fairly quickly
  10. Shaun Haynes

    Loadouts - what and why?

    Anything but multicam.... think it ufly and everyone looks the same. much prefer pmc or cillivan style. Just dont neef any Gucci gear. Do like it to adaptable ie atm running.a hs flat pack and clone which is easy to take the back part off as dont need that for.cqb. In.the hunt for black pc to run it with still though. But i have been given suggestions to check
  11. Shaun Haynes

    Carrier for D3cr rig

    Ill have look. Just haf a google doesn't appear to have the clips of the side dis you add theese your self
  12. Shaun Haynes

    Carrier for D3cr rig

    Any one run a d3cr chest rig or clone mounted on a plate carrier? Is so what one have you mounted it one.. Prefer jpc style plate carrier
  13. Shaun Haynes

    Torch pressure switch mounting

    Cable tied mine on the rails
  14. Shaun Haynes

    Krytac mk2 trident crb/pdw

    Looking get one of the above to replace my cm16 outsoor games Most likey the crb as fire hawk is great for cqb. Is the krytac they as good as people say whats the hop up like.. where is best place to get one would like to have the fps taken up to 350 too
  15. Shaun Haynes

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Was like 55ish and the guy runs my team does crazy good deal for team members as part of his store