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  1. Dunno havnt asked. Not my place there still running milsims.
  2. The only place I can think would be the mall. There is a place in Dover triple a airsoft or something that might be what I want it worth a look before selling up?
  3. I know those other sites redone invicta apoc and all that but I just don't wanna travel that far. But Quex is much closer and it would get me out once every few months I guess and they have there cqb sort of area.. But Only really enjoy room clearing and that which im not sure what there other site offer when it come it that.
  4. Yeah it's seo tbh I dont know why it closing I'm.not going to guess and start a rumour. Good luck to them but yeah Muslims just aren't my thing I loved the fact it was up the road from me and I got go get my fix for a few hours
  5. So just had the news that my local and only cqb site is only organising one last game. Then there going concentrate on milsim games. (Fair enough if that what they want to do) but I'm not a a massive fan of milsim for various reasons cost, traveling distance everyone elses £400 Plus gun out ranges my cheap cm16 (due to upgrade to a mp7 from.decemver) With no other site local to me that offer the cqb that I like (room clearing with bags torches etc etc) I think I'll be leaving the sport in a few weeks but hey at least I'll have more money less bruising and less packages to hide from the Mrs.
  6. That seems like a lot of hasslw to post them. So should be ok to sell and do collection or deal in person as long as over 18
  7. This isnt a sales post im asking if i can acatully sell them
  8. So im slowly giving up airsoft and i have quite a lot of pyro that i dont need and or want where do i stand on selling it on?
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Trmr and multishot for sale More pics on request 85 to your door


    Ramsgate - GB

  10. Been all other there instagram story. Not saying they dont have a copy right. Not saying whos right and wrong here but Just seem like a very unprofessional way to go about it from both companies.
  11. Anyone else seen the shot fired by spirtitus at weapon 762 because they "stole" the mini chest rig and are making a clone of i like they did hs d3cr rig. I get there annoyed that the idea has been cloned but surely if they never copyrighted or patented it they dont have a leg to stand on. Personly i think a lot of company's steal idea from each other now anyway. Plus not everyone want to spent the bigger bucks that a real steel sprititus one cost
  12. Hqd z tqc battery life was awful aboit 4 hours sold them on fairly quickly
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