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  1. I have an Osprey Mk IV. Dirt cheap on eBay. Wouldn't recommend it for extended periods of time, however. It rubs against your neck, has a habit of sliding up your body and just in general not very comfortable to wear. I feel sorry for our troops that got issued them.. If a battle belt is working for you, stick with it. Unless you really want a plate carrier there's not much point in getting one. Alternatively there's chest rigs. Never used one so I can't give any opinion.
  2. The CM16 Raider-L has a nice size to it. Budget gun, works well out the box. Not something you really need to tinker with though. Alternatively theres other AEGs by G&G that are a little more expensive. One of which has already been mentioned.
  3. Who knows? Perhaps it's just that Airsofting has grown quite popular over the last few years and those entering for the first time want the best gear possible, even if they haven't tried it yet. Maybe it's down to how it's represented on YouTube. Most of the load out videos are people decked out with a full kit. Perhaps it's what's considered the norm nowadays. I don't know. What I do know is that for better or for worse, it never hurts to answer the same question, just so long as you drive the point across that you don't need to look like an army ranger to play the game. [Edit] Although, granted, dressing up as soldiers and shooting plastic BBs at each other is kind of the hook, isn't it? ;-)
  4. I never said that. As long as what you're wearing is comfortable and reliable, you can't go wrong. But the guy asked for suggestions, so saying "buy what you want" doesn't really add anything into the mix. :-)
  5. Little late, as I see you've already purchased a FLYYE Spartan (Excellent choice!) but personally, I'd go with the Coyote Tan with that style UBACS. You can never go wrong with a Coyote Plate Carrier. Lots of variety if you choose to wear something other than MTP. Even a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt look great.
  6. You know, that looks pretty darn good. Little pricey, though. Was hoping for something around £350 mark. [EDIT] Perhaps something like this? http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-rifles-c38/electric-rifles-c45/classic-army-m110-ars2-crane-stock-p5542
  7. I was referring to the ACOG when I mentioned couldn't finding anything like it (didn't word it right), but there's no way I'm spending a couple grand for the real deal. I'll just find a nice looking scope and use that instead. Something like this would look pretty good:
  8. Hello, I'm looking into getting an L129A1 to go with my British MTP loadout. I already have an ICS L85, but wanted something a little diffetent that still goes along with the theme. I've done some digging, but can't seem to find anywhere that sells anything like it. I suppose I'd have to get the parts and build it myself. Perhaps an SR-25 base and go on from there? Any suggestions would be appreciated! (attached is a picture of the real life rifle)
  9. Much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I saw a photo a couple days ago of an AF-UK patch. I believe it was orange or perhaps tan, and has the image of a rifleman on the top right. I'm not new to the forum, but had to create an account to post. Did some digging and I couldn't find any info on it. It's a nce design, I wouldn't mind getting one. Anybody know anything about it? Cheers, Dewback [EDIT] Pesky mobile view, the links don't appear until you click the full version.
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