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  1. Hi all, Looking for a smallish backpack to use. Ive been playing lots of themed games recently where there’s lots of in game loot, props etc to collect and use, and with a 24 hour event coming up, a backpack would be good to store any loot, food, spares etc. For a while I’ve just been using utility pouches and dump pouches but it gets a bit weighed down and slaps against your legs. Camelbak is a bit too large and bulky for games especially with lots of CQB.
  2. I own one of the Cyma cm.355L shotguns. Tri shot based off the M870. Agree with a lot that’s been said. Personally to me with a lot of spring shotguns they can be fiddly, some shotguns will fire the 3 shots fine, other times they may have two dip and one go where you want it to. They’re fun, but can limit you a little in games. Personally, i’d buy a cheap springer and see how you like it, no point spending lots of money on a gun you instantly hate as soon as you run into two or 3 guys with AEGs.
  3. Fobus RBT17. Used the Nuprol G17 holster for a while and like yourself wanted one that could accommodate a pistol torch too. Most places you’ll get it for around £20-£25. At first I was very apprehensive about it, being a button release, but not once in the 6 months I’ve used it every weekend has it came undone by accident. Would recommend
  4. I’m looking at selling a couple of AEGs, a Krytac Vector and a VFC HK416C to be precise. Both have been skirmished once and bought 2 months ago. However, how do you other sellers go about setting a price? Im having the dilemma of them basically being brand new Rifs, where I don’t want to high ball the price, or low ball myself either to something someone’s more likely to accept it for cheapness.
  5. Personally I used Jaws Quick Spit Anti Fog on glasses and would give it a cosy before the game and maybe on lunch break if it started to break down. Worked wonders. Bought HeroSharks and didn’t look back.
  6. I haven't, as it's that sort of flimsy wobble that just makes me think it'll snap at the first moment it gets a proper use, and as it's a PDW stock i doubt it would be hard.
  7. Hi all, recently picked up a VFC HK416c and find the stock to be a little too wobbly. ive tried adjusting it, tightening etc and to no avail. So im going to treat myself to madbull ace, or m4 minimal stock. However, is it simply a case of buying the stock and buffer tube or is it a little more awkward?
  8. Hi all. Recently picked up a KWA MP9. First day it was running fine, and now when I fire it, it vents slowly after the first shot. Please note this is in all 4 magazines, brand new gun and I have tried abbey predator green 144a, nuprol green and nuprol red just to see if it will feed/cycle but to no avail. Any suggestions?
  9. Yeah, I learned a while back to ask other players before I buy. PTS and Ares mid caps are the go to now!
  10. Was given 3 stanags to try by a friend. All midcaps and one is a lot larger than the other for some reason.
  11. I ordered half a dozen of them then they wouldn't feed with the krytac
  12. Personally I don't like single point slings but I suppose that's down to the way I play. I run around a lot, properly run. So if I'm going for an objective or to clear a building (pistol drawn for easiness) I don't like having the AEG rattling my legs while I run and try to grab pyro in my pouch or unholster my pistol. I went with a two point after using single points for nearly a year and it's just what I prefer.
  13. Wasthe first thing that crossed my mind after that, at least with that I can get a rough idea on what's wrong if it happens again. About to order one now since it's payday!
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