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  1. Looking for good quality taco-style pistol pouches for my battle belt. I've read that taco-style is the way to go to both quickly get mags out and put them back without a dump pouch. I've seen viper do some for £6.50, OneTigris at £8.50, and Warrior Assault Systems at £13... Can anyone recommend either of these choices or offer any alternatives? I'm tempted to go cheap on pouches because they do such a basic job - as long as mags don't fall out, how much can a difference in quality make?
  2. Let us know how it goes
  3. I'm after a battle belt that fits over my clothes, has molle loops, and will stay in place when im moving around. I've read that the best of this type of belt is the HSGI SureGrip. I want to know if there's anything a lot cheaper that will perform adequately? The OneTigris battle belt is a quarter of the price and looks pretty good?
  4. Does anyone know anywhere that hosts pistol only events? I don't mean one-off games as a small part of a full day.
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