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  1. BloomBoy


    Yeah i got it done without the tape, thank you for the help really was worried i messed something up, Ill make sure to buy some protectors and ill get it filled tomorrow and watch it other time to make sure there is no slow leak. Again Thank you
  2. BloomBoy


  3. BloomBoy


    Hey mate i did the soapy water test and found that the leak is coming from here
  4. BloomBoy


    It may be a seal when I took the reg of the tank for the first time it made a pooping sound and left a dirt circle on my hand , this mean a seal has burst?
  5. BloomBoy


    Sorry just scared I broke a 300£ investment😂 And at any psi you can hear it push air I'm not sure if its leaking or you can just hear the air through the line
  6. BloomBoy


  7. BloomBoy


    So i have a few problems after installing my v12. First of all i hear air leaking from this nozzle im not sure if it should be like this but im guessing it shouldn't . (If you turn up the volume you can faintly hear the air) Next when shooting my gun it will only feed the first bb on full auto and then it will stop feeding. I havent changed the settings thet as dont know what im really doing. 20180410_174746.mp4
  8. BloomBoy


    ahahah you do know how to keep it short and simple;) But thank you this has helped me out alot the only thing is im really not impressed with the guns trigger response (Hense the gate titan) and the main reasons i bought it was to test out the upgrading side of things. I wont go all out with the purchase and ill hold out on the motor and see how it goes, if it messes up then i will fix it XD only way i will learn
  9. BloomBoy

    Gate Titan Basic

    Im planning on buying 2 gate titans and was wondering if i buy 2 basics and 1 programmer and 1 advanced firmware software will i be able to used the advanced software of both aswell as the programmer on both?
  10. BloomBoy


    So i have a GNG firehawk stock that is shooting 330fps, im adding a Gate Titan, TightBore Barrel, 13:1 gears and a High toruqe motor. Was wondering what spring i would need to keep my fps at 320-330 due to the increase fps of the tightbore
  11. Red 1 Airsoft ( The School) Xsite The Outpost Finmere Xsite Land End Are all very good sites that are around bucks or inside bucks.
  12. Best upgrade to make my firehawk super snappy on the trigger?:mellow:

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Dean connectors & a bigger battery.

      You are a bit screwed due to buffer tube as explained earlier.

      Probably a MILD 11.1v 20c max battery in its present form

      The STD FH should have a 8 tooth sector taking 18.65 gearing to about 22.5:1 hence why most stock STD FHs have a slower rate of fire that day CM18's, plus they have a slightly stronger springer perhaps to help attain 330fps on a 110/120mm barrel.

      The motor should be the blue G&G powerful motor which is not bad - aprox 25k rpm so it isn't the sluggish grey 18k STD G&G motor. But the 8 tooth bevel or 22.5:1 gearing to help the slightly stronger spring on the short barrel gun slows it a little.

      11.1v long term use could wear trigger contacts long term but then all guns wear anyway. Keep the juice mild, 9.6v or modest 11.1v 20c max.


      Thing is just use the damn thing


      The main thing with a modest rate of fire gun is learning trigger discipline. Don't release trigger too early on semi or it might get stuck in the dead zone. The trigger goes stiff - DONT FORCE IT !!!!

      What you need to do if trigger feels stiff is switch to auto fire a small burst then switch to semi once more hopefully the trigger functions correctly. There is a point where the Cut Off Lever is still raised and at this point it prevents semi operating correctly.

      It is sod's law but often happens if you release trigger a smidge too early on semi. This is more prone to happening on a slower rof gun than a quicker rof gun imho.

      Can also happen on any gun going from auto to semi if you are unlucky, not often but can/does still happen from time to time


      Noob mistake is force trigger and bust up the Tigger trolley switch mechanism




      As said just use it, get used to it all.

      High rof is mainly for show


      Often it isn't the gun, it's rof or even it's super duper range accuracy....


      It is the player that wins the game, tactics and skill play a much bigger part than an awesome gun


      Stand to one side at the dead zone when you are out the game and watch the real skilled players finish the round.

      They don't move they glide, not running around like a headless chicken shooting like hell. Watch them shoot at actual targets, switch a pistol in tight cqb with single shot - pop pop pop game over


      THAT is how it is done, no crazy crap required. Some mofo's even go out with a springer plinker, rubber banana object thingy just for kicks to set themselves real challenges


      Or pink piggies if you are Mall Mofo


      Just use the gun, enjoy it, learn to improve your own performance as THAT is the best upgrade. Alas no quick easy upgrade in that area.


      Sure a good snappy gun helps, but still no excuse for real skillful ability


      Besides, they are all just toy guns, do just enjoy the peew peew for what it is, than think you must do upgrades n stuff asap


      ATB SD

    2. Prisce


      Gate Titan, 11.1v Lipo.

  13. FireHawk worth it? :/

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    2. BloomBoy


      Sounds like i should buy it :) ......... Do you know if im able to get an electric trigger system and MOSFET installed if so what one shall i get????

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      TBH you "can" do whatever you like

      you could go nutz and put a Titan in there

      or something like that - a fully internal setup

      (as the buffer tube battery will limit space for an external mosfet)


      But you don't need this stuff straight away - gun is important thing


      What I have done is removed the fancy stock & buffer tube

      Then fitted a stubby fixed M4 stock - hard to source locally

      (may have to buy from Hong Kong China etc for about £20)


      It is a tiny bit short the stubby fixed M4

      (Full fixed M4 is a tad too long - need to make a medium fixed)

      But on the FH it works well as it is tucked in tight for CQB

      Then you can use almost any battery like cheap block lipo's

      Than mess about with thin bespoke buffer tube batteries


      Try not to buy the HC05 version - a slow DSG version

      There is NO SEMI and this gun is a nice CQB gun

      But with no semi a lot of sites in CQB it is semi only

      (you haven't got semi so you are f**ked)


      Failing all that the new G&G Raider 2.0 is a nice looking gun

      2 options are avaliable

      regular (no ETU version)

      or ETU version for about £15 more


      The G&G ETU setup can be picky though

      So me personally I'd go for non ETU version


      There is the CM18 G&G but comes with a mid-cap mag

      so need a speed loader to fill 120 rnd mag


      There are some nice G&G's out there for about £150-£160

      FireHawk and/or CM18 are two of my favourites

      (mainly coz they are reg old school non ETU stuff that works)


      FireHawk is nice - bit loud, get a stubby M4 stock if you can

      (saves battery agro)

      But that is just my take on it all - no fancy must have stuff needed

      Just a gun, eyepro, bb's and a chilled common sense no ego attitude 

    4. Robert James

      Robert James

      I think its a great gun, my friend put his tracer on it, and it really makes it a lot quieter but still has a nice enough sound, should you wish to be slightly quieter. I remember people around me saying "if you hear a firehawk its our team" :)