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  1. ..... sorry...... no I'm not! Enjoy the bangs.... 209s are loud enough and cost about 4p each 😁
  2. https://extremeairsoft.co.uk/shop/sniper-rifles/ares-as02-striker-stubby-spring-sniper-rifle-black/ £162 With 10% off BLACK2018 Ares Stubby Honey badger £175 with discount 10% off BLACK2018 https://extremeairsoft.co.uk/shop/assault-rifles/electric-aeg-rifles/cqb-rifles/ares-am015-stubby-honey-badger-black-airsoft-aeg-rifle-am-015-bk/ Bo Dynamics shotgun STF12 £25-£35 https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/black-friday-airsoft-deals?take=48 Dynatex Impact & Timed BFG £40-50 https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/black-friday-deals/ CAA M4 CQB full metal £100 https://jdairsoft.net/cart/sale/252/caa-tactical-m4-cqb-black1
  3. I think it might have a weird proprietary gearbox though.
  4. I'll definitely look into it. I have to able to ensure a manual bb feed and single action as my initial thought was modifying an ASG Mk1 ruger rifle but it just seemed boring to disable semi and alter the fps as they can be as hot as 600fps+ out of the box on green gas. I'm extremely confident with aeg internals and it seemed the cheapest starting point.
  5. I have incorporated every possible feature to ensure realism and the head marshall is great so I think I shall continue and put my faith in his personality rather than the self assured objector. I guess I could use low caps if that sways him but I'll wait and see. My dragunov chucking 0.45s at 300fps would surfice for that retribution, if he ever ventures out of the safe zone.
  6. I will look into that, could well work. I haven't had much experience of HPA as it wasn't being used when I stop playing and since restarting I've seen the tippmans with rear tank but not looked into the controllers. Most of the HPA I've seen have lines and tanks and that's not really me. What do you think it would cost for HPA internals?
  7. You're right. I think I'm panicking too much. It just rattled me that someone could be so small minded to cause a problem when he doesn't even skirmish anymore just likes to be extremely akward. I plan to spend a few hundred in materials alone and started worrying it would be for nothing. Worst case scenario I could revert to aeg limits and make it single shot semi without too much effort.
  8. I did have some fairly "colourful" views of him joining the conversation then completely belittling on the idea. The site director and one of the senior players consulted by the director thought is was a great idea providing it functioned as I described but without the head marshall approving it I wouldn't be allowed to use it. I've only got back into skirmishing this year after a few years off and although I get on great with the head marshall I worried that he might be swayed by the small mindedness of one. Thanks for your views. It just seemed totally unique and I fancied making it. A few reasons pushed me this way. The mag capacity as a single mid cap would suffice same capacity as my SVD-S but not needing winding. It would be bullpup which apart from the SRS and the ugly SVD lovechild thing I'm not aware of any others that are compact scout rifles and I'm not ahuge fan of either. The gearbox setup is more suited to my design. Quick change springs to meet site limits. Swanky materials that aren't hugely stealthy but look sweet. It's quite a long list but essentially my knowledge of AEG internals will transfer across. Gas fluctuation issues avoided. Lighter pull than a spring rifle. Ultimately, I'm being a bit of a smart arse and wanting something totally different 😉
  9. Love the ingenuity you have used with the multi purpose ammo box. I think having a display stand for skirmish days is a fun idea and allows people to see what your pride and joy looks like. Not just peering around at briefings look for ideas for the next toy!
  10. My site is on board but an influential person raised an objection and I fear that it might end up being an expensive ornament. I wanted something that no one had seen before so put my engineering background to good use it is there in design but acceptance of new things can prove difficult. The gas SVD is also part of my thought process as its straight pull co2 so very quick to cycle. Something like that. I'm keeping the internals quiet until I have perfected the operation (it is still very much a work in progress situation)
  11. That was my thinking, it will be a fair distance to allow hop access. I do like the real steel idea as it is likely to be a Walther WA2000 inspired piece. I've concluded the feed must be mechanically cycled to avoid any risk of multiple shots from control system failure as I realised if a specific component failed it risked full auto, although unlikely.
  12. Yes, thank you for the thoughts. I'm thinking m14 mags as they are pretty. So I was thinking 55-80mm depending on the internal spare available as the bolt is likely to be located towards the rear as it negates the requirement for a linkage. Do you think 55mm so slightly larger than the spent casing would be acceptable? I admit, I did see a .22 triathalon style bolt action but realised that wouldn't be a reasonable justification for 450-500fps as it is not in the spirit of the sport.
  13. I have a project in mind to create a bolt action electric bullpup sniper rifle. I've had positive feedback including the awesome people who run my local site but one negative comment that has me slightly frustrated as I feel it's just being akward for the sake of it. If the gun will only cycle and have the ability to shoot a single BB per bolt cock would you agree this classifies completely differently to an AEG/DMR as it will not perform semi auto under any circumstances. The arguement I've received is if it contains a motor then it must be treated as an AEG which I feel is unfair. It might just be me being overly sensitive to criticism but I don't like the idea of someone planting negative thoughts for the sake of it. Any opinions greatly appreciated. If I am wrong I would accept it but I feel that my idea is within the spirit of the game.
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