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  1. *Come home from work*

    "...ohh Mack's busy this afternoon... 😐"

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    2. EvilMonkee


      I apologise, slightly my fault :) But Mr Angry really has some issues

    3. Druid799


      Nothing to apologise for bud the ‘guy’ was being an out and out wanker ! Personally I thought you were very good the way you didn’t lower your self to his level (mind saying that to have reached his level you’d need some heavy duty mining equipment it’s so low !🤦‍♂️) well done 👍 

    4. EvilMonkee


      I was so tempted to go dox'ing him as his FB profile is so wide open it really wouldn't take me very long to find out literally everything about him. Its kinda what we do where I work... LOL.  Glad I didn't waste my time now.

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