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  1. I'm gonna bring this thread back from the dead, since my question fits: I am exchanging the hammer spring in my TM G17. Since I will do this only once, hopefully I wanted to clean the whole gun while in the process. For the "standard" maintenance of my G17, I use the Abbey 35 silicone gun oil and I am more than satisfied. But since the hammer is metal on metal I need some grease...did anyone of you ever use the Abbey LT2 grease for such purposes?
  2. Are TM G17 and KSC G17 parts interchangeable? (Can I put this hammer spring into my TM G17?)
  3. As @proffrink stated, you will get an excellent Glock with a mix. What I can totally recommend is a PGC Aluminium Slide with the corresponding steel outer barrel. In combination with the Guarder Enhanced Recoil Spring Guide.
  4. I *almost* pinged you But the folding stock -.-' However, thanks for guiding me to CA
  5. If anybody wondered: I opted for a Classic Army MP5 A5. As here suggested (backed by several posts I read across the Internet), the CA is worth the few bucks more Thanks for the input, guys!
  6. I would like to get an AEG with no solid stock and not foldable. Budgetwise, I have about £180 to spare. The best case would be, if the gun is great out of the box. I upgraded quite some stuff within my L96 lately, so I would like to have a reliable gun that doesn't need *a lot* of upgrading to be good (although, it shouldn't be a limiting factor- there are always a few bucks left^^). And one more thing: I am mostly playing outdoors and not CQB anymore- do you think the MP5s are strong enough out of the box (>1joule)? I didn't want to narrow them down in advance to not exclude the most valuable gun/manufacturer^^ A bit above my budget
  7. Hey guys, since I constantly get awesome advice in this forum, I will give it another try My local Airsoft dealer is having a clearance on all MP5 models he has available and I always wanted to get one. So, the following models are still available: CYMA: MP5A4 MP5J MP5K Full Metal MP5J Full Metal MP5K PDW Full Metal MP5J Full Metal Blowback Jing Gong: MP5SD6 MP5K PDW Full Metal MP5 A4 Full Metal MP5J Full Metal MP5 SD5 Full Metal MP5 SD6 Full Metal MP5K CQB FS Full Metal G&G: CM MP5 A4 I have read in some forums, that I shouldn't get a blowback because of the needed maintenance. But for the actual models, the advice seems to be G&G. What would you suggest? Thanks
  8. This is the reason why I asked you
  9. Hmm...for 30 bucks, thats nice. Are you using the same on your MB01?
  10. Thanks for the explanation! There are soo many different kinds of scopes. A huge array of crosshairs, with and without illumination and the same amount of different opinions to each of them.
  11. Yeah, I am not agreeing nor objecting. I just added visionking to my search list through all the airsoft boards. However, do you have an opinion on illuminated scopes?
  12. Yeah, I found this thread also by searching There are a lot of threads on visionking and a lot of good suggestions! Now I am looking for Nikko Stirling, BSA and Visionking^^ Is there actually any need for illuminating crosshairs? I was wondering while searching for scopes...
  13. But what if you have a 2 kilometers shot and have to adjust the scope to match the wind and Coriolis force? Thanks for the tip! You are probably right...that would be pretty annoying to see an expensive Swarovski scope breaking... Yeah, this is why I am very skeptical with Alibaba suppliers...
  14. Search function ftw I wonder if anyone has experience with Chinese scope suppliers? I thought about something like this: 3-9x50 3-12x42 They seem to be cheap for the advertised functionality (metal, zoom, etc...). But still- if it's crap, it's not even worth the cheap price^^ I am looking for a scope for my Mauser SR Pro Tactical. As @Hangtight stated earlier in this thread, there is no need for a zoom, so I am thinking about not buying those linked. However, there are scopes, which you can't actually spin the screws (you have to put off the caps of the scope screws and use a coin or a screwdriver), which I don't want to buy. I would like to buy one, that I can modify during battle (I hope you understood by description^^)
  15. Thanks for all the tips! Doing a little nasty work is way better than paying 130 bucks And it's good to have Youtube for things like this. Even videos to properly disassemble and re-assemble the trigger box^^
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