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  1. That sounds like the spring retainer at the of the BB channel broke & let the spring out.
  2. I have an ICS CXP-15 pistol with a keymod handguard. I have a problem with the keymod slots, I cannot fit anything to them as there is no clearance on the front block to allow the screw heads through. I only found this out when I attached a rail to the keymod & on removing the handguard to fit the battery, the rail was pushed off. I;ve spoken to ICS, who have no solution, my supplier has suggested Dremling out two slots to give clearance. So I'm wondering how easy would it be to fit a free floating rail? Are ICS compatible with most of the barrel nuts out there? Is there anything I've missed out? Thanks for reading
  3. My common sense died a long while ago
  4. The hole isn't so small, you can gat an HK type hook through it but because the plastic is quite thick the sprung part of the hook hasn't room to close.
  5. OK, I've searched all over & I don't seem to be able to find an answer. Which type/make of single point sling will fit the sling hole on the Ares Honey Badger? Help!!!
  6. That'll be it then, can't stand Chrome
  7. Re Simon & his Airsoft Tank: That has to be one of the most motivational things I've ever read. Thanks for sharing. I don't seem to be able to make the quote function work.
  8. I've just checked a couple of items, TM Hi Capa Pistol & a 120 rd Hexmag & they're the same price. Why buy from HK?
  9. Just another question, now this may seem a silly one but I'm nowhere near as fit as I once was. So, do you have to do a lot/little/any running or trotting in either Woodland or CQB? I really struggle to do any of them
  10. I'm 61 yrs young, am I too old to skirmish?
  11. Thanks for the welcome, not sure where to play just yet. As for guns changing, over on the Umarex Boys Club (UBC) they nicknamed me the Gunslinger cos I bought & sold so many. This part of my tag line over there; Been there, bought it, tried it, sold it Right, I'm off to read the stickies
  12. Hi all, just checking in. Reasonably new to airsoft & learning each day. Looking forward to getting involved.
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