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  1. Jay85

    Hi from Rochester, Kent

    Invicta Battlefield in staplehurst is a must! They do Saturday games and their 'into the darkness' games at insane, late start with gates opening at 1100 and endex is usually 2000 so half the game day is in darkness, mainly woodland with a mental cqb area!
  2. Jay85

    Plate carrier

    Do yourself a favour, save for a bit longer and go for some quality kit like warrior (they do packages on uk tactical) or trawl the 2nd hand pages on FB!
  3. Jay85

    New player from Canterbury!

    Haha Tim B is on the same team as me (UVO)
  4. Jay85

    New player from Canterbury!

  5. Jay85

    New player from Canterbury!

    You played Invicta yet? It deserves the reviews! Airsoft action wrote a piece this month (the Xmas addition)
  6. Jay85

    New player from Canterbury!

    Hi fella, welcome to one of the friendliest and inclusive sports in the world! I'm based in Maidstone! If your able to, pop down to Invicta Battlefields on Saturday 10/12/2016, they are running one of their into the darkness days, late start 11:00 so you get a lay in! Look them up of bookface and pop along! They do rentals and a load of my team are going and will deffo make you feel welcome!!
  7. Jay85

    Looking for first proper AEG (noob sorry lol)

    Not half!! For £140 it's a bargain and that's if you buy it new! I loved my little firehawk, trying desperately to shorten my Tippmann down 😂
  8. Not racist if it's true! At least he didn't mention the Italians switching sides halfway through a skirmish!
  9. Jay85

    New noob to worry about lol

    Hi fella, welcome and enjoy all the banter and stuff to learn! Get yourself along to a skirmish, some of the friendliest glances on earth!
  10. Jay85

    Being scammed?

    Pleas at least tell us the name of the shop, I and one of my close mates work shifts only getting 2 weekend off in 5, so to get our airsoft fix we visit brick and mortar shops (sad I know but it's better than chairsofting and gets us out of our respective houses), I really don't want to fall foul of this clown!
  11. Jay85

    FPS average and Dips.

    I run a Tippmann converted to HPA, I've done a fair amount of mods to it (TDC hop, orga wide bore barrel, heavy bolt, o-ring mod) over 10 shots my fps variance is no more that 5fps.
  12. Jay85

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just bought from various sources: Ares Octarms 12" rail 2 x 45 degree ris rails Srs optic Amped hpl Gonna be a fun month, just need to locate a minimalist stock in milspec sizing and a peq box and I'm pretty much done!!
  13. Jay85

    first time buying airsoft eye protection

    Dye I4's are my go to face pro!
  14. Jay85

    G&G M.A.R.S.?

    John cork?