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  1. It's getting to summer and longer days so hopefully more bang for my buck
  2. Yea well my brother swims in Aldershot it says a 7.30 start till late. How late I dunno :/
  3. Hi guys, Looking to go play at the billet after exams are over. Is it a good site from your fellow airsofters POV and worth the 15 quid? And what time to the evening games usually finish ? Cheers Jake
  4. In airsoft you pay for what you get unfortunately. You want a better airsoft gun you pay more for it haha
  5. Fair enough yea TMs are great as they are almost the innovators of airsoft you could say. I've personally just heard great things about VFC
  6. The gun manufacture most people will point you towards will be KWA for those specs but if you want to play with it you will have to downgrade the GPS which is and added cost. They are also very hard to find with a RIS rail on.
  7. Look at VFC weapons if you have like a 500 quid budget there guns don't shoot too hard for UK regs at most fields and there guns have probably the best externals and very good internals. TM are very good but I feel there guns are over priced.
  8. I've got the 300 BOT arrived a week ago. Shoots good got a nice punch to it. slightly more expensive than the other CMs bot however I personally think it's worth it. Trigger response is great with the elctronic trigger and mosfet. even tho lower is polymer the cool key mod raid makes up for it. Just remember you have to get a rail peice. Also if you get it off airsoft world for an extra tenner you can get the burst wiz mosfet so if your aren't satisfied with the mosfet you can just swap it out. It feeds really well as well with the 450 round hi cap which is metal. I personally would recommend with the money you look like you are gunna be spending getting HPA spending it on a Custom AEG or GBB rifle. I personally think HPA is a step back for airsoft in the fact that manufacturers spent so much time trying to make guns realistic in being compact and now with HPA you have an external gas cannister and a tube which just doesn't look right. That just my opinion anyway. Or spend the money on a mid range airsoft gun and kit it out your gun with a Peq box fore grip and sight. And then get mag pouches carrier extra batteries Comms, mags so on. Might be a better shout.
  9. Cheers been waiting for it for a while it fires awsome as well can't wait till after exams so I can go play my first game with it
  10. Ok says the files too big if I try to upload as well hmmmm
  11. Hi, as promised my new gun! thank you to all of you who helped me with what questions i had and everything else. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=908685572528348&set=a.539580626105513.1073741833.100001607418582&type=1&theater
  12. just bought my gun (snake toned) , peq 15 box, rds (holo style), 9.4 batt + smart charger, vert grip, and a few other goodies. will post a pic when iget everything. cheers for all the guidence guys really appreciate it. now cant wait to play my first game with it. thinking the mall in reading.
  13. ok yea cheers for the advice. im getting my gun off airsoft world and they have a deal on for the king kong 2014 burst fire wizard mosfet for an extra tenner so a third of the price. im defo gunna get it with my combat raider so the fet on the 300 bot wont actually matter because im buying a better fet to replace it and if i burns out or im not happy with it i can solder the new one in and surely a fet is better than no fet t all??. my problem with the cm 18 is that the black and tan will look crap with a third 2 tone colour on it (im not ukarra'd yet) an i dont want to spoil a great looking gun.
  14. coz sitting duck says there not great but they are new like the firehawk
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