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  1. So, I was thinking of adding a SCAR to my collection, GBBR, and find that a lot of places are out of stock. Perhaps a new one coming out, or is it just that popular? Perhaps a conspiracy (not really)? Anyone else notice this?
  2. Greetings and welcome. In regards to gear, it comes down to what you look to do. Are you looking to portray a certain element in the military, or more of a casual look that suits most environments? If you are looking to pattern yourself after a certain military group, just google them. Research. If you are looking for a non-standard look, then start googling camo patterns and gear. Look at how the uniform works with the area you wish to play. The beautiful thing about gear is that there is so much of it. If you have the ability to go to a military store or airsoft shop, pop in and physically handle the gear you want. Once you have a base idea, then begin to narrow down and ask for reviews. This is YOUR hobby, own it!
  3. Back Stateside I played an epic Star Wars game. Sadly, us Imperials couldn't hit anything, but that made it far more believable. We had about 30 guys show up. Fun day, but damn, you can't run in Storm trooper armor
  4. Mods/Members - First of let me apologize if this post is misplaced, feel free to move if necessary I looked at the teams area and saw all the different teams, but didn't see a specific thread pertaining to "Looking For" teams. I prefer team play and working with a group as opposed to solo "Rambo" style of play. Secondly, I run only an American load, so trying to keep with one cohesive look can prove daunting. So my question is, are there in teams looking for members that run American load outs? As per some very smart advice, I am located in the Midlands (Northants area), but open to trying to get a well rounded fire team.
  5. While this topic has strayed way off course, I will admit, it has been highly entertaining.
  6. Airsoft Surgeon RWA Green Gas Parameters: 25m zero range Airsoft Surgeon RWA Gas King Arms M4A1 w/ iron sites followed by ACOG (4X32) 30rd magazine .20g rounds Variables Wind @ 5-10 mph from the southwest Overcast 52F/11C Test 1 – Iron Sights After firing three rounds I checked target to evaluate grouping. The initial three shots showed a 1 degree kick to the left, possibly from wind. The shots made a triangle pattern with a half inch spread at furthest point. All rounds were center target. I then fired three more rounds after calculating for wind and those three rounds found center mass, again in triangle pattern with half inch spread. Recoil on the weapon was smooth and clean, with no jerking or excessive bucking. Third and final set found center mass again, with consistent results. Test 2 – ACOG ACOG results mirrored iron sights but with a slight reduction is spread. All shots held tight shot groupings. Test 3 – Controlled Burst Using controlled burst I was averaging 5 rounds per trigger pull. There was a slightly noticeable upward walk of rounds, but only covering 3 inches between first and last round. Side to side spread was only 1 inch. Again, recoil was smooth and precise. Max spread was roughly 4.5 inches. No discernible pattern was noticed. The test was repeated three times with all results averaged. All shots stayed center mass of target. Test 4 – Full Auto Full auto results were typical of the rate of fire. Weapon walked in a upward left motion, but only deviating by less than five degrees. Gas venting was noticeable, but not unexpected or over excessive. Two bursts were made, firing a total of 30 rounds. Only two rounds left target area. Conclusion It seems RedWolf Airsoft has made a sound gas for temperate climates. It is easily on par with WE gas in critical areas such as continuous pressure and recoil. At only £8.99 a bottle, it’s quite reasonably priced.
  7. Sweet, I will stop in and see you on Saturday.
  8. Welcome to the forums as well as airsoft. Many members here are very knowledgeable and friendly. I am certain you will receive the info you need in short order.
  9. While I appreciate your insight into this inquiry into his items for sale, I asked him for clarification.
  10. The PEQ's, are they actual PEQ's or PEQ battery box with laser only? (I use GBBR's and don't have a need for batteries) The FAST helmets, plastic or kevlar?
  11. Today we celebrate Veterans day in America. I wish, as an Amercan, to thank all the steadfast, loyal and dedicated soldiers of the great United Kingdoms a very happy Veterans day. I stood shoulder to shoulder in Iraq and Afghanistan with my British brothers, and saw great valor in them all. But we in it shall be remembered- We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother
  12. I talked with a guy at Tesco the other day who told me about an airsoft brick and mortar store in Northampton. Does anyone know of it? I have to run into Northampton tomorrow and figured I would check it out and get some supplies. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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