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  1. Having used a magnifier on several setups, they aren't that useful. I tended to use mine to spot the enemy rather than engage. They can add a bit of unnecessary weight to the gun too. Sure, they're cool, but magnified optics like a spectre or acog work better than a flip to side combo.
  2. Another pro about tm recoils is the noise. People are always asking me about my scar when they hear it. 416 is snappy too, although the scar is better I'm on. And to answer the above, I'll add pics when I get in
  3. I own TM recoil Scar-L, Scar-H and 416. They are without a doubt the best guns I own. Having owned others scars, the TM ones are head and shoulders above them and that's before you even start upgrading them. Absolutely worth the money
  4. I'm not too sure to be honest, sorry could always message them and ask?
  5. I got mine from but theyre out of stock now
  6. or, what I do for my optics is cut a circle out of mesh from spare eye pro, round off the edges and insert it into the groves on my optics. So far, I've made makeshift killflash for an Elclan Spectre, MIcro T1 and a C-More sight.
  7. I've used Eotech, red dot, c-more reflex, T1 and iron sights. Out of all, my favourite to use is the C-More reflex sight. It has great eye relief, very low profile, enables you to aim with both eyes open and looks great. Got mine from JD airsoft, Cannock, Staffs: Not sure how one would look on a HK, I have used mine on my Scar-L and Honey Badger - both looked great! In all honesty though, with sights, it all comes down to personal preference. I don't have 2 of the same optic - I have 6 guns with optics on, all of which are different! Something I would advise against however, is a flip to side scope unless you have a DMR, as it can just get in the way if you are running an aeg.
  8. +1 for Asg/Kwa MP9 Tiny and compact, great range, plenty of customisation options, nice amount of ammo per mag. Small enough to be a sidearm and good enough to be a cqb primary...I've even used mine as a primary during woodland before and maneged to get a nice amount of kills.
  9. TM Recoil Shock SCAR-H 5 Mid cap mags 1 Battery 2 triple quick release mag pouches Scars make me happy haha!
  10. Hiya mate, I own to 5-7's, both Marui. I have used Abbey Ultra in both and had no issue. I have also used WE green gas however it doesn't respond as well to it asit doesn't feed into the mags that well. In the cold, they have struggled. I have tried the Nurpol red (3.0) and that dried out the o rings inside...but it does work in the cold. As a plastic slided weapon, it is advised to use red or some lower green gases due to the lower strength in the pastic...however I know a guy from Anzio that has ran propane in his plastic framed TM G17 for 2 years with no issue! My personal preference is Abbey Ultra - struggles in the cold atm but in the Summer it is very crisp and powerful blowback. Hope this helps
  11. Putting in a tightbore barrel will help if you want accuracy and groupings. It may also increase fps slightly. What exactly are you trying to acheive? It sounds like you already have a good setup!
  12. Where did you get extended 5-7 mags?!?!
  13. Unfortunately, I have thrown the towel in Whilst trying to further diagnose, the connectors to the stock have gone and another wire has split. It has been dropped off for a techie to fix at JD Airsoft. Feel like an idiot cus I couldn't fix my own gun
  14. You may have found the issue!!! On full auto, the air nozzle does come back! So cut off lever is my issue then?
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. I've tried moving the tappet plate in the gearbox it moves fine with both the spring installed and absent. I have put back together and cleaned it and tried it again. It is still having issues. What I have noticed is that the air nozzle is staying back after pulling the trigger the first time. It is stuck back; there is no play and you cant push it backwards with a finger, nor can you pull it forward. I have shone a torch in the geabox without disturbing it and can see that the tappet plate is in fact not beinding; it is in its rails and in line perfectly. This leads me to believe that the tappet plate is being blocked so that it won't return? When I fire it, the nozzle stays back. Then, when the trigger is pulled again, the nozzle shoots forward and then returns back.