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  1. ahem..... I love that xP And I dont think you can justify saying that WE copy everything . Yes, they've made a few replicas of famous weapons in real life/games, but its hardly copying it...
  2. JustBBGuns are crap. Any airsoft shop that says that the Jing Peng Famas is "The best gun I've ever handled, and one of the best on the market", is definately one to avoid. If you're playing CQB, get a cheap Double Eagle Tri Shot shotgun. Theyre cheap, they shoot 3 at a time, theyre easily available in two tone, theyre reliable unlike most guns in their price range, and most veteran airsofters use them!
  3. Do you play Call of Duty by any chance?
  4. ICS L86 LSW and ICS M4
  5. I know this is terrible of me, and I probably shouldnt even be mentioning this, but have you tried market stalls? Its surprisingly easy to buy cheap springer RIFs on them. I once had a shop near my old house that sold spring M9s, spring 1911s, spring desert eagles, spring M4s, spring MP5s and spring Uzi's...and yes, this was after the UKARA was put into place. They were crappy quality, and made of complete plastic, but they'd look more convincing than a two tone rifle.
  6. Yup

    My inner pimp wants one too. How much would something like that cost?
  7. Yup

    Arent Dboys one trade free? And my ICS one certainly was, dont know about others though.
  8. Agree with this. If Im up before 9:30 Im generally at work by then, and if I dont need to get up for work Im going to be lying in until at least midday
  9. So what about the plastic? lol. At least you can use them on a cold day . I know some people prefer full metal over reliability, but I personally just dont get it .
  10. TMs are actually pretty cheap in the pistol world. And they'll last you an airsofting lifetime if looked after correctly.
  11. My 3 certainly werent reliable. TM or NS2 all the way in my opinion
  12. And their new open bolt system is amazing? lol
  13. To me it looks like they've got lots of pictures of AKs, cut out bits they've needed and made one picture to make a concept piccy, but Im probably wrong. Just doesnt quite seem to join up right lol.