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  1. the final problem has been identified. when the hop up unit was assembled initially by the factory the rubber was coated in silicone oil. this is the cause of all the problems I've been having it has been resolved by simply dry wiping away all the excess oil and reassembly of the hop up unit. if its not something that is known to commonly cause the fps drop in an airsoft gun you're unlikely to check it which is why it went unidentified for so long. when the gun first got ordered in i picked it up before the store could do there initial look over of the gun just because i went to pick something up when it first came in and got it on the day so my local store hadnt checked the gun before i picked it up.
  2. its not the mags, the hop up unit turns itself on over short periods of time, it did it noticeably in less than 24 hours. i might just replace the hop unit as it gets annoying having to redo my hop each and every game i know its not the mags as fully loaded i have no inconsistency or when they are half empty ive put 40 rounds 1 after the other at 2 second intervals through my chrono and got a fluxuation of about 10 fps around the 310 mark
  3. found out that the hopup was turning itself on over time it now chronos about 305 on .2 bbs
  4. edit: i used my new chrono today and got an avarage of around 202fps on .25s out of an ics hi cap that came with the gun, and 235 fps with .2s its going back to the shop tomorrow as i have some other stuff i need to pick up
  5. is the fire selector moving the internal fire selector over the gear box properly? the gearbox may not be interacting correctly
  6. im taking it back later this week, its still under warranty and i know the staff there quite well through my uni (they wont fuck me over) my chrono is turning up later this week but its chronoed low every time its been used and thats on at least three different chronos. i use a 9.6 battery with nuprol 30-140 rd midcap/lowcap mags but they are less than a month old so they may just need bedding in. it also missfeeds the first round fired so nothing fires on the first trigger pull and two come out on the second trigger pull they said it was the hop that was causing the fps problem which is a stupid problem that i should have known to check for but i didnt touch it after they gave it back to me, so i think there is more to this problem than just the hop
  7. i took it in to my local store and they had it firing at 350 ish on .2 straight away, went to use it this weekend and it chronoed on .25 at 150fps its doing my head in could it be my mags springs are overfeeding and putting too much force on the bb,s i got it brand new in january
  8. Got an ICS L85 middle of January and it fails to have any fps on the first few shots after not firing for over a minute (they just dribble out and reach about 2.5m in front of me) before they pick up. Last time i chronoed it on .20 bb's it reached a grand total of 70 fps. any advice or help?
  9. just wondering whether its worth buying from airsofttiger111hk as i cant find a retailer in the uk selling the m240, if anyone can point me in the direction of a uk seller or give me some advice for buying from overseas it'd be appreciated.
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