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  1. I confess, I'm rubbish at estimating ranges. Sue me. 😉 One thing I've noticed though, so is everyone else. Next time you run a sniper/DMR try standing at the back of the line out in the open, you'll see players rattling away at you on full auto and their ammo hitting the ground 20m before it reaches you. Seriously, try it. This device albeit expensive allows me to do 2 things - get the exact effective range of any gun I use (not only airsoft) and see exactly how far other players are away from me (I lase a nearby tree or whatever not the actual player) meaning I can adjust accordingly and hit them 1st time. A lot of players think nothing of dropping up to £1000 on a posh RIF, IMO if you're doing that you may as well squeeze every drop of effective range out of it.. You're quite right though, simply practicing will allow more effective range guestimation. Horses for courses. 😉
  2. I use one of these. Mounts on to scope. One button press and you're there. Have a look on the tube of you for a review. BOBLOV 700m Mini Tactical Outdoor... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07436ZN9X?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  3. Heavy weight BB's is what I'm going for. I've a used crazy jet in my striker and got good results. Thanks!
  4. Yah I did think about that but I like the length as it is (oo-er mrs) a GBB barrel and hybrid bucking is fine as long as it performs like an AEG barrel setup. What are your thoughts?
  5. Ok cool, thanks for the suggestion. There don't seem to be many 215mm barrels that aren't GBB so I guess your suggestion might be the way to go. Unless anyone else has any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I'd like to upgrade the barrel and bucking in my new Here arms CQR. I've had it apart and measured the barrel and it's 215mm bridged. My preference would be a Maple leaf crazy jet with maybe Autobot 50/60° bucking but can only find unbridged GBB barrels - like this one https://www.skirmshop.co.uk/215mm-604-crazy-jet-gbb-inner-barrel.html My questions are, 1. Has anyone upgraded one of these before? What did you use? What were the results? 2. Does it make a difference that it's unbridged or for GBB? Sorry for the noob questions. Any help appreciated 🙂
  7. Looks great :-) can totally understand that it might be a bit OTT for some, but we spend money (And lots of it) on our RIFs because of the way the look/sound. So why not? Imagine this on a TM recoil.... whoa...
  8. I think there's a pin that prevents the bolt from slamming forward when the trigger is pulled before the bolt is closed. This can stop the bolt from going back in. It's on the left hand side 1-2 inches in which would make sense based on what you're saying. You can remove this entirely and is supposed to improve the smoothness of the bolt as well as giving a more even bolt pull, but if you pull the trigger with the bolt open you can damage the nozzle or hop. Up to you. In any case try joining the Ares Amoeba Striker group on Facebook. They're really friendly and very supportive. Best of luck :-)
  9. FYI I went for the G&G GR25 SPR. Not my 1st choice but got a really good deal. Looking forward to seeing how it performs out the box and then the inevitable upgrading process. Thanks to all for their advice and input. It's really appreciated.
  10. I can see why DMR's if not properly regulated would be detracting from the fun (basically 450fps AEG's that nefarious players can spam full auto whenever they feel like it) Options at the moment are - Classic Army m110 asr2 G&G sr25 Or just settle for 350Fps with something that shoots well anyway. TM 417 EBB. I'm inclined to go with the TM to be honest. Thoughts? Thanks for everyone's comments and guidance.
  11. 450 FPS is generous, but it's the "manufactured as semi only" bit that seems to be the biggest problem. One other possibility is something that shoots at 350 FPS but has excellent range. TM 417 EBB for instance.
  12. Hi, just to reassure you that this isn't a "I have £££ which DMR should I get?" My local site has some strict rules RE DMR's and this is limiting my choice. Must haves - Max 450 FPS 0.2g BB's Manufactured as safe/semi only not modified to semi. Good accuracy/consistency out box. Will upgrade only as parts wear out Prefer based on 7.62mm real steel not 5.56. Would prefer to avoid M4 based but I concede that with the above conditions there are limits :-) Only one I have found that meets all the above requirements is the G&G SR25. Is this any good? Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks for your help :-)
  13. Just received mine today. Best made glasses I've ever seen. £35 +2 extra lenses? Deal of the century. I've already been looking to another pair for when I inevitably lose mine :-)
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