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  1. THE TM MWS thread

    Trying to do the green gas mod, and after shagging two mags, I give up. First mag, took the valve/pipe out. Bought a pipe cutter - which dented the pipe, but wouldn't cut through. Bought another pipe cutter - which dented the pipe, but wouldn't cut through. Used a hacksaw - which went through the pipe. and the outlet valve underneath. Whilst I was doing this, my darling son had pinched the spring. And twisted it. A lot. Mag one down. So with this new found knowledge, moved on to Mag no 2. Got it all sorted, cut in the right place, rebuilt the mag. And now it won't hold gas. This gun, although I love it, is starting to annoy me. It's like having a gorgeous wife that won't shag you.......
  2. THE TM MWS thread

    How did it go?
  3. Pistol Advice Please

    I notice that Umarex / VFC are conspicuous by their absence in everyone's suggestions - How come?
  4. Pistol Advice Please Not a bad buyl - especially as it can run on co2 and gas....
  5. Pistol Advice Please

    Thanks for the headsup on ak2m4 - have just ordered one
  6. Pistol Advice Please

    And sadly everywhere out of stock....
  7. Pistol Advice Please

    Would something like this do the job: Cos I suppose a cheaper way of doing it would be to put one of those in my WE? How much difference do they make? I'm guessing the TM is better than the WE - but to what degree?
  8. Pistol Advice Please

    I've got two pistols at the moment - A TM Mk23 - which is awesome A WE18c - which is fun, but nowhere near as accurate. I'm after another gun, so I can run double pistols I love the mk23, currently more than any of my other guns. Purely because it's had the most kills. It's accurate as hell, has amazing range and can have a decent rate of fire when required. And that's all straight out of the box. So although I love the Mk23 and I could just buy another, I'd like suggestions for an alternative. I the same attributes as the Mk23 - Excellent accuracy and range straight out of the box - but in a different platform. Why? Because variety is the spice of life! Budget is under £200. So, what can you suggest that might fit the bill?
  9. Aaaaargh!
    I'm feeling very sorry for myself. I've been shot to sh*t tonight, mostly by someone who thought it's okay to shoot after being hit. Repeatedly.
    And my suppressor is knackered.
    And my new case is broken.
    Beer then bed :angry:

  10. Wet weather gear?

    Thanks for all the ideas guys Have any of you used either a special 6 shirt or a sleeka? I'm wondering if they might be a good option...
  11. Where are the best places in Yorkshire (any of the 4) for going and trying on Army Surplus kit? I'm a big chap, so need somewhere that has a decent range of sizes to try. Thanks in advance.
  12. Wet weather gear?

    I'm not a great fan of the cold, as my joints stop working. On Sunday it was about -2. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm 5'9 and 262lbs (1.75m / 119Kg), so very fat :-( I'm going to go on the hunt today to try some gear on. I don't want to spend a fortune on it, cos I'm hoping that I'll start shrinking a bit now I'm exercising again.
  13. Wet weather gear?

    I think my problem is that being on the large side and unfit, I run rather hot. So I sweat. A lot. For non airsoft I use paramo stuff, which seems to work well, but I think even with that I'd get too hot whilst playing. I think I'm more concerned with staying warm than getting wet (aside from the chaffing issues).
  14. Wet weather gear?

    As I knew I was going to be playing on Sunday and the weather promised to be cack, I bought this. Thought I'd do a brief review of it. It's sh*t. In fact, that's an insult to poop. It's beyond cacka. Not breathable in the slightest. Because it was so cold I had a tshirt and micro fleece underneath - after an hour of playing I was that wet from the inside out I thought I Was swimming. I had to change clothes - and I could wring my Tshirt out. and very nearly the fleece. And the inside of the jacket looked like I'd poured a gallon of water all over it. I was gutted. The jacket is suitable for standing still. And never moving. In torrential rain. That is possibly the only use for it. Or you could zip it up and tie the arms together to use it as a bin bag. So, as I seem incapable of making an appropriate buying decision for wet weather gear, what should I get? What do you all use? If a topic exists already, please point me in the right direction, but I searched and couldn't find what I was looking for. TIA.