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  1. Aftet looking at the price and having play with a mates pistol torch ive given up on the idea. Of them They were like 60 quid and in my luck it'll be shot out 1st game. And I couldn't get on with the pressure switch thing. So I've just been able to mount a quick detach torch to my rig. Which Is much cheaper and I've just spend the money and brought a kydex holster. And in the process of talking about possible buying of 2nd hand firehawk. ( if it falls thoughy ill get an ares stubby m4) Which means I won't use pistol as much in cqb then if I keep using my cm raider and tracer
  2. Didn't realise it was such a small am out that needed to be amended. For the money can't expect to much
  3. Oh that look spot on I know they say that better off getting a glock 21 holster as the we version is a bit wider then a normal glock
  4. After a decent pistol torch and vun and pistol light holster for my we g17. I had the nuprol belt mount paddle holster which was a nice fit for gun but really uncofmtable to wear on my rigger belt. Woukd prefer a harder shell holster like hard plastic or kydex
  5. Yes I bet it'll look so nice with a tracer unit and peq box on the end of it. The depending on how my cm raider with tracer preformed this weekend I might just get a 2nd one of those
  6. I was gonna get a ares am001 as my cqb brifle see my( below post) but I've just seen the firehawk for a much for lower price for poor for a much nicer looking gun However has anyone put a tracer unit on the end of it instead of that duck bill lounder thing And no I don't want to go down the route of a tracer hop up unit instead.
  7. Ok thank I'll order some when I get the adapter think it's a 14mm adapter I need
  8. How will I know if it has thread lock?
  9. Due to hopefully get a new ares (stubbym4 ) cqb rifle next month. Typically I'm to do it after I've just brought a tracer for my cm16. The ares has a cw barrel thread the cm16 is ccw and I can't find any cw tracer unit I've found an adapter made my madbull anyone uses one before and can anyone vouch for it
  10. Make: any Gun/Model: cqb Desired Condition: Desired FPS: 300 isj Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: 70-100 After a back up cqb rifle some like cm16 raider or something similar
  11. Tracer unit and almost fishing my cqb chest rig just need to mount a radio on the back
  12. That look like sweet as chest rig. Shame I just brought my self a new on or I'd be ordering one of these 100%
  13. Posted this on another belt post but advised to start a new post. I brought the tmc/Emerson very stiff riggers belt to mount my dump pouch and paddle holster on too But it so uncomftable to run my pistol holster where I want to on it. So think 'm gonna have to run a battle belt if I want to run my pistol. I had one before and it was too Wide (viper one) and all it did turn on the main belt. So be it'll need to after a fairly stiff narrow one. As id need it to mount a radio pouch Dump pouch pistol holster m4 fast mag Maybe a rubber knife and pouch for thunder flashes as I only play cqb. A couple of row of molle should be ok for what I need Any suggestions. Prefer to spend less then 40-50 and must be in black
  14. Rules always look though previous post so that what I did.........