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  1. interested in a KWA G36c?
  2. I'll keep it in mind cheers. Also looking for an SHS 16:1 gearset and a steel toothed piston.
  3. Make: G&P Item: M120 (short) Desired Condition: New/lightly used - not beaten up Swaps/Part Exchange: If anyone wants a beat up KWA motor sure... Budget: Under £25
  4. KWA G36C Plus a little cash?
  5. For that price + postage you can get any combat machine. Which will be so much better
  6. Rule of thumb is dont buy from websites/shops with bbguns in the title.
  7. I just noticed Taiwangun has the CM127 in stock. The original G18c clone was the CM030 and lots of people love it. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the new one? I want a G18c aep but I'm not a fan of the slide on this one - it looks less like a glock now, and I'm not sure if it's still TM compatible like the CM030 was.
  8. Still looking to sell.
  9. That's interesting, and not that unexpected. The 31st was never confirmed as having anything to do with EU/UK release dates. I'm not that disappointed to be honest as I'm only interested in drop in HPA kits for them. So waiting for Wolvering, P* etc to come out with something. Even then there's always the A&K K5* vector.
  10. My CRB is running on a 30k.
  11. Make: KWA Gun/Model: G36C Accessories: 5x Mid Caps, 2x High Caps, Sling Condition: Very Good FPS: 300 on 0.2g Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Y/Y Price/Payment: £140 + Postage Pictures: Gun is stock minus the fire selector plate - old one broke so I replaced it with a nuprol selector plate. Willing to swap for a decent black m4 with rails. This was my first gun, but is not in use since I got my Krytac. Looking for funds to put towards a Krytac/A&K Vector in the future, or a gun to teardown and stick an inferno gen2 in.
  12. Changed.
  13. hnngggg. Krytac 30k motor.
  14. Willing to swap for any m4 based gun.
  15. I've got an A&K M870 Breacher trishot with a dozen shells and a shell holder belt. I can take pictures this afternoon if you want