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  1. Mk23 for £40 is so sorely tempting....
  2. If it's got one of G&G's wonderful mosfets in it, yes you have to use an 11.1v otherwise you'll have no end of problems. I've found that G&G's old mag issues have been resolved with this new iteration of combat machines.
  3. Nope. It'll be fine. it wont affect the tracer unit negatively at all
  4. I forgot to select delivery, so one of the guys rang me on the 23rd/24th of december - I cant remember which - to take payment for postage. He definitely didn't have to so fair play. All in all a great experience
  5. I just tried using it and it says code expired.
  6. It's not 35 quid but Jdairsoft are doing their trmr e1's for 50. Free postage to a ups collection point.
  7. They took them off sale barely 1-2 hours after that post. I managed to grab one fortunately
  8. Armorer works, I asked them myself this question. The short answer is no.
  9. Friday night yes. Posted saturday morning
  10. Not sure if this is the right section for this. If anyone spots something could they give the guys at X Site a shout?
  11. Thats great news. It'll be interesting to see how this develops with weapon limits etc.
  12. I'll post here since there's no point opening a new thread for this. The gun arrived today! UPS left it next to the front door....for 3 hours...cheers. Also Taiwangun sent me FDE instead of black for some reason. I'm not too fussed because my Krytac is FDE, and my KWA G36 is black so at least I can tell the difference by colour alone Build Quality. First impressions before I opened it up I was pretty happy! It's got less rattles than I was expecting, but you can still see the moulding seams which is unsurprising given the price point. I'd say the stock is actually better quality than my KWA G36, it clicks in place more firmly both folding in and clicking it back in place. The butt stock is nicer too - my KWA is just plastic but the Army Armament has a rubberised stock plate, which is a nice touch. However I can see why people suggest you change the charging lever too, It's pretty much useless plastic. The magazines so far are kinda ok, heavy...there was a little leak but that's just because the O-rings were a bit dry I think. Once I'd lubed em up a bit they didn't leak. I can't speak for the gas capacity but from what I've seen it can take about 100-120 shots, depending on the weather obvs. Shooting (Before I opened it up). I put a magazine through it and holy moly it's loud, however I'm not used to GBB's so bare that in mind. Nice recoil too. I haven't chrono'd it yet but I didn't particularly care how fast it was shooting before I'd tried lowering it. One thing I noticed at this point is the fire select is pretty gammy, half the time I didn't know if it was on semi or safe. It seemed to sort itself out after I shot it a bit but It's still a bit weird. Opening it up. I took it apart which was SO easy, which I guess is pretty normal for GBB's and the G36 in particular. If you want a proper look at the internals I'd suggest looking at the video I posted above, which would give you a better idea than I could. As the video suggests, the recoil spring is garbage. Mine was bent in two places and super weak. Luckily I'd ordered a stronger one beforehand so I swapped that in pretty easily, and I stuck in a LFS (Low Flow System?) ring, I put the black one in which is the -10% fps apparently, haven't chrono'd yet so might need to go lower. It comes with -10%, -15% and -20% rings. The gun is advertised as 390 so (390-39=351) it MIGHT be ok, if it's cold...which it is...always. Not much else to say about it really. Shooting (Round 2). I learnt that lowering the FPS of a GBBR increases the kick. Noticeably in my opinion. That's about it, it shot which is good considering the last time I opened something up it was a AEP and I broke it (not irreparably broken). That's pretty much it before I chrono it and play with it on saturday. If I missed anything ask away.
  13. I heard the npas has pretty poor fps delta compared to the lfs rings, and the rings are about half the price so I got them. I bought a replacement hop rubber and nozzle spring so that's fine. I've not got the replacement barrel nut or charging lever cos they are about 25 quid each. Figured I'd use it a bit, see how necessary they are and replace them if needed. I'll let you know how it goes though...
  14. An Army armaments R36 from TG, replacement bucking, recoil spring and LFS disc pack to lower the fps to field-able levels from Milspec. Excited to see what the gun is like.
  15. Ordering the gun today. If anyone is interested in how it performs I'll make a brief review of it when it arrives, after a game or two with it.