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  1. I use one of these on the back of my vest:
  2. Hi, Is there anyone in the UK that specialises in gbb tech work? I'm looking to get a valve changed out (npas to a cqb valve) on a KWA AK74 but for the life of me can't find anyone! (milspecsolutions are out of the picture) I'm happy to send the part off as I don't have the tools and patience to give it a go. Many thanks, Steve.
  3. Here's a few groups you can post any questions in.
  4. Yep. my thoughts exactly. Hyped up video and some blurb and now nothing.
  5. you've just reminded me of BO Dynamics new MTO system- thats gone very quiet!
  6. lol, forgot all about this as it was cut and pasted The price has dropped to £235.00
  7. Make: Bolt Gun/Model: BR47 Keymod suppressor version Accessories: Orignal Hi-cap, Waffle type hi-cap and 3 waffle type mid caps. 1x 7.4 and 1x 11.1 lipo battery One point sling Tan suppressor (original fitted to another aeg) ReptiTan Hydro Dipped stock, grip and rail. Looks damn nice! (was fitted with scope, but original open sights included) Condition: as good as new. Very few marks,if any, and no major blemishes. One niggle- is missing a small screw on the rail but not detrimental. FPS: 0.98 Joules average Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n x3 Price/Payment: £300 incl delivery *** SOLD ***
  8. HI, Sorry, this has just sold
  9. Make: Cyma Gun/Model: cm351 tri shot Accessories: 7 shells, dtd m4 mag adaptor and hi cap mag Condition: as new- bought and used once in garden FPS: 280 average Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: £70.00 incl delivery ono
  10. Make: GBB or possibly AEG Item: Stock hinge assembly for AK74 (the button that you depress to unlock the stock) Looks similar to this: I've been looking for this part for a gbb AK but think there is the same parts in some aeg's if anyone has one. Many thanks, Steve.
  11. I live in Portrush and usually go to borderline. I've been suffering an injury for a fair while now, so haven't been able to get out for a game smcb1 - check out Black Skull Tactical airsoft. A new site around dungannon way.
  12. I've bought from them several times with no issues. They were actually really helpful in helping me buy the bolt br47 I required some pictures of it (can't remember why!) and they obliged with no issues. I had tried inquiring on other websites with no response, so Just Cause got my monies
  13. Airsoft action now have their back issues available to read for free online. (up to 2015)