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  1. Make: Home made Item: HPA Hi Cap Mag Condition: new Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nnn Price/Payment: 87.50 I now have a few of these in black made up and tested. Price included postage, jut paypal fees to add on if interested.
  2. We hpa mag taps

    Hi, I have a black WE hpa tap you can have for £5.00 if that gets you started! I also have Hpa hi-cap mags for sale if thats any use?
  3. Tippmann Upper Receiver Reassembly

    Hi, take a look at this video. It's for a new valve in a Tippmann but will hopefully give you an idea of where you might have gone wrong:
  4. ASG CZ75 P07 Duty Co2 Pistol

    bump down to £65.00
  5. Secutor Velites..... any good?

    I've mainly seen people having trouble with the valves and buffer tubes leaking. Loose connections etc or just plain broken. Hopefully this was just the early ones and its settled down.
  6. Secutor Velites..... any good?

    I finally got round to using my G-VI today and its superb. Nice range and a smooth action even when i was slam firing it to give cover. Ive seen a few horror stories about these so was hoping all would be ok. Turned out just fine
  7. Hpa in Winter

    Hi, I run my hpa we scar throughout winter with no issues, so im not sure if that would be the cause! what psi is the regulator at and have you chrono'd it? if my psi is set too low it can make the recoil/ bolt cycle sloppy. Have a quick check for any leaks aswell.
  8. DTD Shotgun adaptor for M56 shotguns

    Make: double tap designs Item: Shotgun adaptor for m56 type shotguns Condition: new Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nnn Price/Payment: 35.00 HI, This was bought at xmas for my bo manufacture stf 12, but unfortunatley it does not fit. (cant reload as the adaptor blocks the handle) so it's back in the box! I thought i'd put it on here for someone to get it a bit cheaper. Thanks price includes delivery
  9. Tippmann Cheap Heavy Bolt?

    No probs, I can't remember if it was a general hpa users page or the Tippmann one! (it was a while back as I saw them on ebay aswell)I don't have a Tippmann anymore so not part of the group. (though i am sorely tempted to re-purchase one lol)
  10. Tippmann Cheap Heavy Bolt?

    Hi, This question raised its head on the hpa users group on Facebook. The unanimous response was do not buy it! Due to the high variance in these and it's doubtful there would be any support if these mess up your Tippmann.
  11. ASG CZ75 P07 Duty Co2 Pistol

    Make: ASG Gun/Model: CZ P07 Duty co2 blowback pistol Accessories: includes paddle/ molle pistol holster Condition: good as new FPS: 300 average Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: £75 (postage incl) Great little pistol, that has a nice short and snappy action. No marks or blemishes on the pistol and will come with a paddle/molle holster. (the molle attachment is brown) Thanks
  12. L3wisD

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Quick payment and good comms. would happily deal with LewisD again. Many thanks
  13. Hpa bottle backpack

    I use one of these on the back of my vest:
  14. Hi, Is there anyone in the UK that specialises in gbb tech work? I'm looking to get a valve changed out (npas to a cqb valve) on a KWA AK74 but for the life of me can't find anyone! (milspecsolutions are out of the picture) I'm happy to send the part off as I don't have the tools and patience to give it a go. Many thanks, Steve.
  15. Tippmann M4 Owners. Here's a few groups you can post any questions in.