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  1. Hey dude, ill have the drum mag for £20 if it's still available? Cheers ah ok, well I already have the rpk, just looking for the drum mag! Drop me a line if you change your mind. All ol the best
  2. Hey dude, ill have the drum mag for £20 if it's still available? Cheers
  3. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: instant payment, great coms many thanks.
  4. Sold Admin please close.
  5. In great condition, never opened up. Shoots great, recoil and bolt stop is so cool. comes with original box probably used max 8 times. I have a recoil 416 also so don't use this anymore and am looking for an opfor LMG for 2017. It Is lipo ready out of box wired to mini tamiya. Iv always run it on 7.4 1100's. None of the accessories in the pic included in sale. any Q's just message me.
  6. Make: TM Gun/Model: Scar L CQC Accessories: 1x Midcap magazine Condition: used FPS: 290 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/RPK/PKM Price/Payment: £285 + postage Pictures:
  7. You still got the Scuba tank Qlimax?
  8. I DMR'd an ICS Par Mk3. Which is great as the ICS comes with a split gear box so you can change the spring easily. If you get the 292 it comes with a really long barrel too.
  9. Speeded up? Sped up??? O_o
  10. Confirmed: last game today, Andy has posted on facebook. Developers have speeded up planning etc so building works due to start soon.
  11. Hey dude, What makes you want the Umarex??
  12. Hey Jay, Best to private message him as he will get an email notification. Users that forget to check threads miss out on sales.
  13. Sold. Admin please close.
  14. 'Andy Stevens who runs a paint ball arena' FFS stopped reading after line two.
  15. So basically there is a huge residential Development of the area going on there and Andy is on borrowed time. It will eventually close as the building approaches the site but don't think it will be for a year or two at least. Having said that, he now had restricted access to the site. Think he can only use it fri,sat,sun so things are definitely speeding up. Any official announcements will be made on their FB page. As with the wing, we will probably get 6-8weeks notice.