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  1. Be careful with this , this chap was kicked off the Tm next gen forums on Facebook for scamming people , just a heads up
  2. Sold
  3. I've got the Tm m&p 9 Vtac , it's one of my favourite pistols , mind you all of my pistols are Tm
  4. Hi Sorry I think it's a 552 not a 551 , not sure about the quality of the eotech or peq as there's not much in the way of markings on them , they both came on a rifle I bought but I've never used them
  5. Think I have both of these , I'll have a look when I get home from work
  6. Make: hsgi Item: taco Desired Condition: any Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: hi , looking for some coyote hsgi tacos if anyone has any the want to get rid off , cheers
  7. I purchased a pair of WileyX durtac gloves off ukmc pro via eBay in March last year , since then they have been used on average once or twice a month , they split around the hard knuckle protection in Feb this year so I contacted ukmc pro regarding claiming under the two year warranty that they are covered under by Wiley x , straight reply from ukmc pro saying nope that's wear and tear , now I could understand if it had been a split on the fingers or where I grab the cuff to pull it on or even if they'd had excessive use but they haven't , I contacted Wiley X Europe direct and they asked for a few pictures and to fill in a warranty claim form did that a couple of days later email saying they'd be sending me a new pair of gloves , not only that I got a £20 discount on my next purchase from them plus free sweets , definitely recommend Wiley x but not so much ukmc pro they couldn't have been more unhelpful if they have tried
  8. I've just moved from a was plate carrier/chest rig to an hsgi suregrip belt and mav chest rig with just a couple of mags on the chest rig and the rest on the belt , first time Out i hadn't got any suspenders for the belt but tbh it didn't really move at all , I have now got the suspenders to go with it which I'm going to be trying out on Saturday , but the mini chest rig and belt were a lot more comfy than just a fully loaded plate carrier set up I had
  9. I've got a Tm short motor if you have no luck finding a g&p one
  10. I use an antex 25w , not the most powerful but does the trick with some decent solder and flux where needed , soldered quite a few deans onto guns and batteries now :-) mines this one
  11. I've got an am-013 and from what I've read your pretty safe it's it's got the blue ecfs (micro switch trigger) have a look up the magwell and you can see the thing up there to the rear of the magwell
  12. Can do it for £160
  13. Sorry sold over the weekend
  14. Still available
  15. Price drop £170