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FilmSim presents - Operation Hirta, Eversley (2nd & 3rd March 24) - Cold War Themed

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Red Mist 4: Operation Hirta


Europe, 1985


Operation Statant is fully underway as NATO forces throughout Europe initiate a pre-emptive offensive against WARPAC forces in East Germany.  The primary goal is to disrupt what intelligence suggests are preparations for a potential full-scale invasion of West Germany by Soviet forces along the border, allowing further NATO forces to organise and reinforce.  Seemingly caught unawares, WARPAC forces have started to scramble a defence to allow their own forces to counter-attack. 


As OP Statant continues its momentum, NATO leaders have become increasingly concerned about the potential mobilisation of WARPAC Naval Forces in the Baltic.  Realising the strategic importance of neutralizing them first to prevent any interruptions to preparations in Denmark, NATO command has greenlit Operation Hirta.


Operation Hirta consists of a specialised task force made up of US and UK forces whose job will be to conduct a series of daring raids on WARPAC-held islands in the Baltic as well as capturing or incapacitating naval elements.  Keeping the WARPAC Naval Forces inoperable is paramount for allowing NATO forces in Denmark enough time to organise a relief effort.


With Statant in the balance and Operation Hirta on the brink of commencement, set to unfold as a pivotal element in this high-stakes military theatre, will you join the war effort?





Welcome to the next instalment of our Red Mist series, set in 1985 in a fictional scenario where the Cold War in Europe gets hot!  Players will join a faction where using period uniforms, weapons and kit they will undertake objectives and missions assigned to them by a dedicated command team for an authentic 1980s experience.



Forces Involved


NATO – US and UK




What is FilmSim?


FilmSim events were born from a love of Airsoft, films, computer games and role-play. Our specialist themed events are a mixture of role-play and airsoft which are designed to give the players the feeling of being a character in a film. To achieve this, we try to strike a balance between realism and fun which will be different for each type of event.


Our Themed Events are ticket only premium experiences which last over two days. They are not intended as “walk-on” days and have uniform, weapon and equipment restrictions which must be adhered to assure an immersive experience for everyone.


Our focus is on delivering an immersive experience to our customers. Players will work in units to achieve realistic military themed objectives over the course of the weekend. Each faction is run by a dedicated command team who are there to ensure your experience is the best that we can deliver. We have an extensive range of props including many period items that will be used to deliver the authenticity and create immersion.


Players are expected to wear the correct clothing, carry appropriate weapons and equipment as well as buying into the story and role-playing their character. Expect a lot less shooting than an open day skirmish – players are expected to work together, obey orders and rules of engagement, and stay “on-mission”.



What can I expect?


Engagements are usually fast and furious, with the preference being to break contact and rethink your approach rather than get involved in a sustained firefight with multiple casualties – grab your wounded and bug out!


In most of our weekend events we go guns down in the evening sometimes with the option of night missions for those who want them, before resuming the following day. Players are encouraged to stay in character in the evening and camp in the game zone where possible. On an evening we encourage our players to socialise and will provide facilities for each team to do so in their dedicated camping area.



New to the period and want to get involved?


We have a number of rental guns available as well as free kit which can be loaned out.  Please get in touch with one of our team for more information.


Check out our Cold War Airsoft Facebook Page for more details!



Event Link and Information





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Hi there,

Dates of the game are 2nd and 3rd of March.  But camping available on the 1st.



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  • Scubasteve89 changed the title to FilmSim presents - Operation Hirta, Eversley (2nd & 3rd March 24) - Cold War Themed

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