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Long Time No See.

Dan Robinson

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and possibly forgotten) topic.

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Hi folks, been a busy few months with work and life, but still been pewing regularly.


Had a bit of a disaster with my SVU, snapping off the little bit of metal that holds the scope on.  Happened when placing it down mid game to switch to my M4 - which had managed to slip its outer barrely a suppressor without me noticing either (thankfully found those on the walk back to the safe zone).


So the SVU needs either a new receiver - which I can't find anywhere; or machining a new bit of metal that will enable the scope to grip the gun a bit lower down.  Gggrrr.....


By way of therapy, I bought myself a new Pew in the form of a Rapax XXI M7.   But of course it doesn't end there..... New battery needed, extra mags needed, new scope (although oddly my shitty ACOG seems to work pretty well with it), bi-pod, Mlocks and mag pouches.





God dammit!  Only meant to spend £300..... Now I'm over £700 in the hole and still need to fix the SVU 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣  SWMBO is going to go nuts when she comes home in hte New Year to discover all these new guns (the Boy bought himself an L85 and complete Afghan loadout)


Tried a couple of new sites - Skirmish Wycombe and Skirmish Billericay, both a good laugh, but a bit of a trek.  Brother and Nephew are coming to a day next week at AWA which should be a laugh. Nephew shot my lad in the eye the other day with a Nerf gun, so he is out for revenge.... My bother is not the most outdoorsy of people, but gives everything 110% so that should be a laugh.


Anyway - hope you're all keeping well?

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Glad your enjoying the regular frustrations of pew life with intensive retail therapy mate.


You can get side mount plates for AKs that rivet/screw on to a receiver.  You could flatten the existing broken bits and Araldite one on (or do it vaguely properly anyhow).  Ant Supplies have them from memory.


Don't be cruel and film your brother only to post on here for God's sake...



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54 minutes ago, Tactical Pith Helmet said:

You can get side mount plates for AKs that rivet/screw on to a receiver.  You could flatten the existing broken bits and Araldite one on (or do it vaguely properly anyhow). 


I have a few thoughts on how to remount it, but I want to avoid drilling/permanently cementing the housing if possible.


Bipod and first-draft scope coming tomorrow for the Rapax so looking forward to having a tinker in the garden before the boy comes back from Army Cadet camp and sees what I've been up to on my weekend alone LOL.  Shot the side of a hot water tank with it today and am very glad we have MED on sites... 'cos that made one hell of a dent in what was quite a thick sheet of copper.


Don't have anything I would risk filming a game with, but got some pretty good pictures from the Halloween shoot at AWA:









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Looks interesting, but don't think it will... The broken bit on mine is on the lower reciever.  In the photos you can see the bit of metal I'm thinking of getting machined.


Hopefully we can make it such that it grips just below where my finger is. 






In other news:


Bipod is on with the foregrip.... Shitty ACOG is there as a placeholder until the other scope arrives this afternoon.... Have another coming tomorrow then we'll take a vote on which to keep.




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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and possibly forgotten) topic.

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