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Ares M45 S, The perfect pocket AEG?

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OK guys so I decided to take the plunge during the week and buy myself a new toy. It arrived in the usual fashion of being thrown like a discus over the gate before the driver floors it like he is in the Grand Prix. Luckily the gun was not damaged and i could get down to work immediately. Going in to this I knew that the M45 was small but when I opened the box all I could think is "where the bloody hell is the rest of my gun". I  then realised that the stock was folded under it and i was a idiot.15674560849508729884782150063020.thumb.jpg.e7d595dfc94727dece2610635029879a.jpg


From top to bottom the front handrail and the upper and lower receiver are full metal. The stock is polymer and folded to make the gun even smaller. I did not think that ares thin motor would make much difference but it just feels so nice and the sharper angle on the grip is also greatly appreciated. Pulling the Charging handle revels a rotary style hop up IMG_20190902_212955.thumb.jpg.181e1bfeff6b27f1dcd985a0ceaf6ab2.jpgand to close the window you hit the bolt release and it slams home with a satisfying click. I must confess that this is my first gun that does this and that click sound was heard throughout the house many times that day. The M45 comes with 2 mags (55 and 120 rounds respectively) and a speed loader that is almost useless as it only loads one or 2 bb's at a time but still a nice addition. The M45 shoots at 330 FPS with a .2 bb and when I first chronoed  it it had an average 5 rps. The foregrip is removed by pulling down a tab and twisting. This removes the front rail along the inner barrel and hop unit. These parts are coated in so much lube that i could make a joke about it but I don't want the mods to catch me 🙂.IMG_20190902_213023.thumb.jpg.63b50494c68d15d63927b111c7d40555.jpgIMG_20190902_213018.thumb.jpg.41a8d5400a56221cd95d260e9ac8ace7.jpg

Game day

On the game day I ran my Striker as usual with the M45 hanging from my hip by a 2 point sling. At this point my only complaisant where that it sounded a bit shit and there was a delay between pulling the trigger and the bb coming out. This was fixed quickly thanks to the on site shop where I bought 2 9.9v LiFe batters because they where the only ones that where short enough to allow me to completely collapse the stock. IMG_20190902_213047.thumb.jpg.124fc1b639d58534e999cf7862690f3f.jpgAfter they where charged I gave them a try and the difference was night and day. The gun sounded amazing, the trigger response was perfect and when chronoed the RPS had increased to 17. I was also surprised by the range. For a out of the box gun i was able to reach out and touch people at reasonable range. 


Pros. The M45 is small, lightweight and in my eyes the perfect complement to a sniper who has given up on gas pistols (story for another day) The two mags mean that you are unlikely to run out of ammo on the field when using it as a secondary and it gives us snipers more flexibility and means that we don't have to say right at the back all game.IMG_20190902_213353.thumb.jpg.de7ecccbb16ea0d84731a40889ab0c6b.jpg Also the quick change rail allows you change the gun from a secondary  to a primary in seconds by putting a longer rail on the front. 


Cons. I only have a few complaints as most of them where fixed when I stopped being a idiot and put proper batters in it. My main problem is that it cant be fired with the stock folded because Ares decided to use contacts instead of wires to increase the longevity of the M45. It is also super loud thanks to the short barrel. The price tag is also a little more than i would usually pay for a gun.IMG_20190902_213317.thumb.jpg.a52bbb7368478be54e20f7acbe2e2b95.jpg 


Final thoughts

Overall I think that the M45 would work well as a sniper secondary, a primary or a CQB weapon thanks to the transforming aspect of it. The M45 is a pleasure to hold and use and I do not in any way regret my decision of buying it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a small and compact AEG or just wants a very cool little gun.

@rocketdogbert ARE YOU HAPPY NOW 😂







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10 hours ago, rocketdogbert said:

Sounds good, but 5rps is way to slow for me

Yeah but that is 5 rps with a 7.4 lipo with proper batteries I got it up to 17 rps

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16 minutes ago, Solly4568 said:


Yeah but that is 5 rps with a 7.4 lipo with proper batteries I got it up to 17 rps

"proper batteries" lol, 17 rps is hardly realistic rof.😠

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