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  1. this should be in appraisals really. However, To be worth a decent amount, you need genuine KWA mags, original box and instructions, immaculate bodywork, basically like a new gun, along with some rare spares. Otherwise, I know of three guns, each with four mags but nothing else (two black, one tan) that haven’t sold in recent months at £620
  2. eh? Oh, got it ha ha ha , yes, “look” 😂😂
  3. Most likely you messed something up. It could be jammed on a the hammer, or recoil spring like you said. Where are you in the country? Ive never come across one this isn’t fixable, but without experience it’s very difficult to guide you in doing it. You could try taking a few pics or a short video and posting it, or if you’re near me (SE Essex I can lol at it for you) rdb
  4. I love this one. It’s a standard WE-WET G34, around £115 new, with the wrong mag well, a standard trigger and a dodgy stipple job. There are some internal modifications, they don’t seem to be helping though, it doesn’t work 🤣🤣🤣 I messaged the guy, told him he’d been ripped off, he got somewhat defensive
  5. @Druid799 agree completely. I tend to stay well away from them unless it’s a GBB that I know inside out, I can buy cheap, and I know how to rectify the “upgrades” 🤣 It’s not upgraded, it’s modified, to a greater or lesser extent, often with poorer performance.
  6. That is as cool as f*ck, I love it. How much did you end up spending?
  7. Just a little red dot plate for my buddies TM FNX
  8. Is it new? as long as you don’t have silent fill o-rings, you’re doing something wrong if the gun is new inverted mag, shake gas can, inverted gas can, marry the two up and press together. You will get air out of the mag, stop when you get gas mist coming out
  9. “The Division” Vector rail, from Rhesus Customs
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