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  1. Also, contravenes rule #7, no all capital titles
  2. I’m guessing it’s trust and intent. You jump through a few hoops for a shotgun certificate, so less likely to have it out of the house “just because”. Even more hoops with other firearms (generally section1 or 5) and therefore extremely unlikely to be “just because” Airguns and imitation firearms are a lot easier to get hold of, so maybe the thought is they are more likely be in your boot for nefarious reasons? Or It’s all just a huge mish-mash to ensure Lord Rich Big Knob can always get away with carrying, and Joe Shmo from down the road will always be prosecuted. Or is that paranoia 😱
  3. You know this is a Chinese fake, right?
  4. Hmm, bargain, particularly as it doesn’t work 🤣🤣
  5. Maybe it’s a translation issue… “Shaka, when the walls fell”
  6. Sorry, I was talking about his .223, I had no idea an airsoft copy existed
  7. I’ve fired my buddies real Blaser a few times and it’s utterly awesome. Fabulously machined, and enables a great rate of fire from a bolty. If he’d sell it, I’d have bought it by now lol
  8. Only an expert will know. But get the mag pictures and we can check them out
  9. Cybergun don’t make guns, they only licence them. You need to know who actually makes them lol
  10. As long as he gifts the RIF to you it’s not a problem
  11. It’s rare but not unheard of for mags from different manufacturers guns to fit each other. What make is the new Deagle, and can you take pictures of the two different mags side by side so that we know what we’re dealing with?
  12. Somewhere in the “what I’ve bought” thread you’ll see mine. superb bit if kit, and yes, bought from Ali
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