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  1. Email them back and ask the to stop harassing your or you’ll sue them
  2. Just ignore it. UPS are arsehats, it’s not a legal requirement, just them being stupid. As long as you have your stuff, it’s all cool
  3. Yes, I wanted to try one before I commit to something expensive
  4. LPVO VCOG clone courtesy of @Alimcd, thank you sir First reticule is 1x mag, second is 6x mag
  5. KWA KRISS Vector modified as follows: Krytac Gen2(2017) upper and lower (Extensively modified internals to fit) RS KRISS stock RS KRISS angled front grip RS KRISS hand stop Clone Magpul MBUS Pro BUIS Angry Gun barrel shroud with tracer Ace1Arms rhs mag release RA-Tech CNC steel buffer RA-Tech inner barrel & hop unit Rhesus CNC gen2 trigger Rhesus CNC Safety & Fire selectors Four colour camo Cerakote by Supreme Coatings
  6. Ask the sites. I’d say yes, most likely though
  7. Why wait for the Gen4 ? https://roeairsoft.co.uk/?product=tokyo-marui-glock-17-gen4
  8. https://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/parts-c8/external-parts-c97/krytac-kriss-vector-aeg-extended-battery-cover-p9632 https://www.surplusstore.co.uk/manufacturers/tracer-airsoft-systems/acetech-thor-bifrost-tracer-for-krytac-kriss-vector.html
  9. rocketdogbert


    Nope, told you in the other thread. If you want returns on mods, return the guns to standard and sell the mods separately
  10. 100% BUT Having spent some time recently at an RFD, when the rozzers come in about anything other than a real firearm, they’re only ever concerned with the power of an air gun they’ve just confiscated, they literally could not give a shit about anything airsoft. The RFD sells all three btw
  11. rocketdogbert


    If you sell separately, as already discussed, gun with one mag is 70% retail. Each extra mag is probably only £10 on top. All sold together the case and torch ad dzero to the value, so I’m going to say G18C is £120 x 7O% G17 Wet is £110 x70% +£60 mags so £240 IF you can find someone who wants both
  12. Nope, you’ll lose a sh*t tonne of cash though doing it that way. There is zero chance everything you have is exactly what somebody else wants, so nobody privately will buy it all. And unless you want to get seriously scalped, no re-seller will buy it, as they’ll need to make a profit, but won’t be able to sell it second hand for any more than you can. Drop of quick list of your weapons and major bits of kit in appraisal’s, but typically kit is about 50% of retail if it’s perfect, weapons 60-70%, again if perfect and unmolested. Realistically, anything you think of as “upgraded” in any way, or anything painted, will be worth less than a standard weapon.
  13. I disagree. Competition shooters, particularly clay shooters, often have wacky coloured guns. As far as Karen is concerned, if it’s gun shaped it’s a gun, and I agree. It’s too easy to become blasé around gun shaped things when you used to them
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