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  1. rocketdogbert

    Airsoft Engenuity

    Errr, no. Five hour drive there, 4 hours back 🙈
  2. rocketdogbert

    Tm glock 22 upgrades

    No prob matey rdb
  3. rocketdogbert

    Tm glock 22 upgrades

    Personally, I would change the outer barrel BUT if you’re careful, you may be able to screw and adapter into the plastic and cut threads as you do it. As long as your tracer is very light it will work. Your other option is an SAS front mount, it looks odd, but won’t upset the blow back at all as it allows you to mount a suppressor/ tracer to the frame of the gun https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01C5INDTY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_EzpvBb3GXFBKG
  4. rocketdogbert

    High Flow Valves.

    So has the new valve ever worked? Try simple elimination, put the old valve back in, does it work? If not, probably some kind of mag issue, it it does work, then it’s either the new valve, or how you fitted the new valve
  5. rocketdogbert

    Tm glock 22 upgrades

    Yes, it is mounted to the slide Not the best picture lol
  6. rocketdogbert

    High Flow Valves.

    So the valve isn’t staying open. Does it allow you to fill the mag properly? Is it jamming open immediately, or when you try and fire? Have you upgraded the hammer and recoil springs?
  7. rocketdogbert

    Tm glock 22 upgrades

    Rainbow8 have some bits, including slides. I have a TMG22, standard slide with a red dot mounted, G17 kit fits no problem, as it’s the same Airsoft pistol with rounded slide edges and some improvements to the slide and frame for longevity reasons. The confusion is with the real steel Glock, as the G21 is fatter, being 0.45 calibre. The TM G17 is actually bigger than a real G17, andalmost identical to a real G21 rdb
  8. rocketdogbert

    High Flow Valves.

    What do you mean passes out of the top? Through the valve, or mag rubber?
  9. rocketdogbert

    Definition of New in Items for Sale

    New is new, simple, never used. Any perfect but not new is “as new” or “collectors condition” or something similar. Just be wary when buying as far as I’m concerned rdb
  10. rocketdogbert

    TM Glock 18 - Problems, please help

    Ha ha, I did exactly the same with my misses G17, didn’t even bother looking at it, just bought her a new one. Turns out it was a really simple fix (lose sight screw lol) What did you replace the G18 with?
  11. rocketdogbert

    ICS Ble xae mag issue

    Try putting the mag in the freezer, after emptying it completely. Once it’s nice and cold, see how much gas you can get in it then. You should be able to get loads more (don’t over do it though, or the output valve will jam shut)
  12. rocketdogbert

    WE Glock 17 Wanted

  13. Grow three more hands lol. Seriously, just takes practice And patience
  14. rocketdogbert

    TM G17 with one mag

    Time Left: 5 days and 12 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    My other half’s TM G17, I bought her a brand new one, just because I thought this one was having an issue. Returning it to standard turns out it works perfectly, my loss, your gain. No box or anything else, just the gun and a mag, gun is completely standard and almost unmarked, never skirmished. Mag has a Lees Precision silent fill modification, otherwise standard. price is plus postage


  15. rocketdogbert

    Battlezone airsoft pitsea Basildon

    Blimey, quite a lot then! Did he have the best price?