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  1. UPDATE I just ran through the whole thing again, and I made a mistake. That actually makes me feel better, as it means I can still dye the next one. Looking at my old photo’s, I realised I left the lid on the fish poacher this time, but hadn’t before. The trapped steam must have pushed the temp right up. Doh! Eventually, I would think so, trying to track one down at the moment lol
  2. Here’s an update. I bought another FNX yesterday, today it is scrap! Using exactly the same process as before, as far as I can tell (same die, same setting on hob) the latest TM FNX frame shrank and twisted. That’s the end of that gun!
  3. Can you drill and put threaded inserts into the CF?
  4. Make one? 38mm split ring, drill and tap a section of rail to it?
  5. Practical Pistol events qualify me for UKARA, simple. I play every week (almost)
  6. Yes, easily the best standard pistol out there, excellent groupings at 65m (torso sized) on 0.4’s, 80m max range on O.4’s, one fill for three mags worth, large mag ammo capacity, red dot ready, tracer/silencer ready. Mags are very similar size to Hi-Capa mags Never wanted to, and bolloxed legs and buggered ankle from too many serious bike accidents means I cannot physically run, and struggle with uneven ground 🤷🏼‍♂️ Love me some practical pistol, but most of all I like building stuff Already modified the BBU on the FNX to take the SRO sight
  7. lol, cash from me you daft sod. Then sold the spares that came with the Vector and bought another FNX. Trophy piece for me as always, I don’t skirmish😎
  8. Swapped my FNX for a KWA Vector plus some cash, so had to go and buy another FNX 😈
  9. If it were me, I’d ignore any contact details you’ve been sent,, look up UPS customer enquiries number and ring it to confirm all the details, then decide what you want to do
  10. Didn’t use them enough, gun has long gone, sorry
  11. could be, looks identical and it is well made. No remote switch with it though
  12. Illumination is very good, sharp circle with sharp central dot, red or green. Laser is a sharp red dot, with windage adjustment under the cap, which I haven’t tested lol. Averagely dark sight window, I wouldn’t use indoors in the dark tbh, but the same can be said for most clones I guess. Just noticed it has iron sights on top lol
  13. I use red dots for practical pistol, not sure they’re are anything other than show for anything else though
  14. Make/brand: unknown Any accessories included: rubber flip cover that doesn’t fit lol No idea of make as it came with a rifle bundle Pictures:
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