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  1. rocketdogbert

    KWA/KSC G18 parts?

    Have you tried Rainbow8.com?
  2. rocketdogbert

    Holy crap.......

    Probably not cheap, Je was selling Vectors last year, not top prices but highish
  3. rocketdogbert

    Holy crap.......

    I’ve dealt with this guy, he sold some Vectors last year 😎 https://forums.zeroin.co.uk/forum/classifieds/appraisals/3018455-huge-clearout-warning-large-post
  4. rocketdogbert

    Reflex sight or 1x Optic recommendations

    Best 1x red dot by far is the Trijicon SRS, massive field of view (38mm think), downside is it looks a bit like a thermos flask 😂😂 @sonofsammo
  5. rocketdogbert


    This is my everyday watch It’s a two line Tudor Pelagos on a Toshi strap. I’ll let you decide if it’s a replica or not 😊
  6. rocketdogbert


    I have a few, I’ll post some pics later, my fav is a 1960’s Omega Constellation
  7. rocketdogbert

    Gun picture thread

    I rarely keep anything any length of time 😂😂😂
  8. rocketdogbert

    Gun picture thread

    New bang bang for me
  9. rocketdogbert

    TM MK23 Socom - Mini red dot

  10. rocketdogbert

    Unknown C&A M249 Part, can't find anywhere.

    Look for parts diagrams for the whole gun, then identify it from that
  11. rocketdogbert

    Wanted. Glock we g19 blowback housing

    Sorry bud no luck. Rainbow8 will get you one here in about a week
  12. rocketdogbert

    TM G17 not firing correctly

    Easy enough job, just a bit fiddly👍🏻
  13. rocketdogbert

    WE MP5 / Apache semi issue

    Like I said, I don’t know your gun, but I always start with standard everything when I have an issue
  14. rocketdogbert

    WE MP5 / Apache semi issue

    Hmm, no experience with your gun, but my issues with gbb firing are often spring related. Have you replaced all the springs?
  15. rocketdogbert

    TM G17 not firing correctly

    Drop a bb down the barrel from the front it should stop at the hop rubber