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  1. rocketdogbert

    THE TM MWS thread

    I’m just going to leave this here http://impulse101.jp/en/conversion-kits/hk416d-conversion-kit-for-tokyo-marui-m4-mws-gbbr-rahg-model-3849
  2. rocketdogbert

    EXTREME(-ly stupid) Pistol Loadouts

    I looove this http://impulse101.jp/en/gas-grenade-launcher/elfin-project-deformed-mini-m2019-grenade-launcher-for-40mm-gas-cart-3847
  3. rocketdogbert

    What the fluck is that gun !

    It’s already gone to the big boneyard in the sky 👍🏻
  4. rocketdogbert

    Still waiting for my UKARA number

    MPA in Hockley always do it while you wait, free as well of course
  5. rocketdogbert

    Looking for a Glock need assistance.

    The only Glock I have for sale (sort of) at the moment is my daughters Tiffany Blue WEG17 WET 🙈
  6. rocketdogbert

    Asg shotgun shells

    Doesn’t sound right, I have no other ideas, sorry
  7. rocketdogbert

    What the fluck is that gun !

    Ha ha, posted this recently
  8. rocketdogbert

    Asg shotgun shells

    Have they been stored with bb’s in them, permanently compressing the springs?
  9. rocketdogbert

    What the fluck is that gun !

    I love weird guns lol
  10. rocketdogbert

    Daves custom airsoft

    I might ace a spare adaptor for a Glock floating about if ou need it @Duff. I deffo have a sight that works almost perfectly, just doesn’t like being turned off lol
  11. rocketdogbert

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Well, my el-cheapo box of Vector parts has turned into an almost complete gun in less than two hours, a couple of hammer parts ordered from Rainbow8 this afternoon and she’ll be good to go. Another gun saved!
  12. rocketdogbert

    Gun picture thread

    Thank you very muchly. Unfortunately, it was only a transient thing and now no longer exists, but it was fun whilst it lasted 😆
  13. rocketdogbert

    RMR sight issue, help please 🦄

    Cheers, I’ll have a play see if I can’t break it lol
  14. rocketdogbert

    RMR sight issue, help please 🦄

    It isn’t that unfortunately, it’s purely that it won’t turn on once it’s off. Well, the battery lasts about a year apparently so I guess I’ll just leave it on lol
  15. rocketdogbert

    RMR sight issue, help please 🦄

    Nope, tried it on a picatinny mount, Glock mount and no mount, still th same lol.