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  1. Agreed, see them go for around 90-100 all the time
  2. Is this the same gun that’s £267 on Taiwan gun? 😂
  3. I think it’s safe to assume, as this is an airsoft forum, we’re talking airsoft lol
  4. Looks familiar 😎, nice rifle that A LOT of work went into to build. When it left my hands it was literally perfect, and still looks it 👍🏻
  5. My old man is thinking about getting one, any views from owners, users or prospective purchasers please? Ta in advance rdb
  6. Dave is a top bloke, if you took the time to look at the trusted traiders section
  7. I do this. I keep an eye on chat rooms/fb/discord etc, get a feeling for someone then send them so stuff. I’ve given kit and guns to people in the recent past 👍
  8. that’s because you’ve been reported in the past and there is a tag on your account normally
  9. Somebody is reporting your posts. Anybody got a grudge against you? If it were me, I would set up another account just for airsoft, see what happens.
  10. By what you like. I’d recommend handling first if you can, but whatever, buy what you like
  11. The platform looks interesting, but what’s the availability of upgrade, or just custom look, parts? And approximate time delay from “normal” parts order to customer, as I don’t know where GBLS production is based? The last thing I would want is to have a super expensive rif I am unable to use for six weeks. Thanks
  12. Gas or AEG? Does the lock nut come off?
  13. Whatever you do, don’t buy anything Raven or Nuprol. I agree with @Cyberlawyer , get a simple, robust WE, preferably G17 or 19/19X, as they are reliable and well built for the price
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