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  1. One of my other hobbies...

    I have to admit to having a zombie hunter patch on one of my rifle bags, sorry, not sorry Wicked zombie look btw, I really like that
  2. One of my other hobbies...

    Replica watches My partner dropped her “Rolex” so now I’m repairing it
  3. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Bought another KWA Vector today, with a stack of mags, plus some more short mags and sundries
  4. New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    Sure, it looks like this @proffrink https://m.imgur.com/a/MoGhU trying to. Insert the actual jpg from imgur but it won’t work, sorry
  5. Bells’n’whistles a custom does not make .

    This. Case in point, had my Krytac Vector with a bunch of KRISS parts on it for sale for over a week, within an hour of splitting sold both the gun and the parts for more than I had advertised them together lol
  6. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Waiting on another couple of Glocks that require work, and four KWA Vector mags.
  7. GBB or AEG

    I’ll agree with everyone else, and add that gbb take a lot more maintenance compared to virtually zero on an aeg.
  8. How do you store you aeg rifles?

    I built this last year, guns have changed since, and I’d probably design it differently now, but it still works fine
  9. Proper Feedback System

    Whatever you guys think is the right thing is fine by me. I have decent feedback, but not bothered about starting at again to be honest. Thanks for all your time
  10. Krycrack help

    First talk to Krytac, you could try direct on their technical forum https://krytac.forumchitchat.com/ Their technical team is active on it. Second, find their official UK importer and ask them. Last, resort, swap out the receivers, honestly it’s a very easy job, check out YouTube videos for help rdb
  11. Syria

    I’m really torn if I’m honest, but I do agree with Grant’s quote, below
  12. Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    I know this gun, and this is a bargain
  13. New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    I get confused easily too, does that help? Seriously, on iOS on my phone all the ads are cut on half in preview, so it’s almost impossible to see what’s for sale.
  14. the ar15/m16/m4 enigma

    M4’s are nice, butI wouldn’t own more than a couple. Vector’s on the other hand, I will always want just one more lol
  15. Armed Police - Yes or No

    My brother is a temporary adult, spends all his time at work playing on RIBS, launches, jet-ski’s and saving Navy bomb disposal experts lol He’s driving this one