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  1. No prob If you ship it yourself, you’ll be responsible. Retailer ships it, they are. What you after?
  2. Don’t do it By the Pistol from someone willing to ship, like Boomarms, KYAirsoft, Rainbow8, Impulse101, WGCshop etc
  3. Yup, I’ve bought and sold about 12 in the last 18 months. About six months ago was peak price, a fair few have come on the market recently when people realised how much they were going for. Naturally, more on the market, less rare, the price has comes down a bit, so I stopped selling. I’ve never seen one publicly sell for £900, not to say it won’t of course, I sold a new, unfired until I tested it, one last year for £750 with three brand new mags and Hephaestus recoil kit, along with all the original parts and box, the one on freeads is very similar and not selling at £475. The cheapest I’ve bought one for is £200, needed a bit of fettling but essentially complete. I’d say take loads of pics, be completely honest, and put it up for what you want for it. It will either sell or it won’t. A buddy of mine collects them, but he’d be looking to swap not buy. He has a huge collection of RIF’s
  4. Lol, really, which one was that? Not the too high pressure HPA one? I think the cases were about £150 new, so probabaly £75ish. Like the gun, pretty niche, so might take a while to sell. Theres a guy on freeads selling an as new in original box with extra mags and Hephaestus re coil kit for £475, been trying to sell it for a couple of months
  5. Cheers, and yup, gbb fitted to an AEG, I just love to make life difficult for myself lol
  6. Bought a couple of Magpul PTS high-caps for the 556
  7. @KyleHumphreys About half what they are new, or give it away with the gun to sell it faster. Id be interested to know the spec of the Vector, myself and a buddy are always on the lookout for them 👍🏻
  8. What’s blue and doesn’t weigh very much........ ........light blue whats brown and sticky........ ...... a stick whats white and sticky......... ......a white stick whats yellow and sticky........ ........custard !!!!! what’s red and doesn’t weigh very much....... ......pink
  9. You can buy a new WE 17 or 19 for that
  10. Probably low gas pressure not being able to keep the top valve closed, or it freezing open for a sec maybe? Might be worth pulling and cleaning the valves What gas you using?
  11. Time Left: 5 days and 9 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Very little use, great condition, price is all in


  12. If it’s what I think it is, then I think it is. I think.
  13. Personally, knowing Hockley and the owners well, if you buy a gun from them, they’ll look after you. Pete the tech will make any gun meet their limit, I might even consider selling you my ARP556 I bought from them only two weeks ago lol. If you want to go for the MP5, the Hy-Cycle TM’s are awesome (my daughter has one, but it’s munched it’s gearbox twice now, bad Luck I guess ) Albert can probably get you one. Drop me a PM if you want to meet up on the range or Practical Pistol on a Tuesday night rdb
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