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  1. Rest the mag on something solid, or hold it in with your hand tight around the grip/mag interface, see if that helps
  2. This post makes me feel so old. I’ve never even gotten into music videos, let alone any other films on the interweb, I just don’t give a shit, I am officially an old man 🥃🥃
  3. Im not sure what they are exactly called, but via a RFD friend of a friend, you nee the right paperwork to buy weapons from Israel (for example) and sell them onto the US. Legal in Israel, Legal in the US, VERY not legal here lol
  4. Depends. A RS pistol that is legal in Poland and posted to the US where it’s also legal is unlikely to get through our standard customs. Maybe that’s the issue, correct transfer licenses not completed?
  5. Same old, was it a PayPal payment? As for Germany, it’s not just a joule limit, the receivers have to be permanently marked (with a large R I seem to remember) and their customs are really fussy. How come the Czech lot didn’t know it would be a problem? If I had to guess, I’d say your onto a loser, UK customs don’t allow illegal products through, can’t see why Germany would be different. Bloody pain mate
  6. Not mine http://www.usedairsoft.co.uk/rif-s/gas-powered_1/mk23-non-blowback-pistol_i17584 loads more in there as well
  7. G17 is the way to go, no doubt, if you want to upgrade over time, it’s definitely the best platform. Personally, I’d always choose a TM if you intend to improve it, as it’s great out of the box
  8. See @Tommikka‘s reply, UKARA is the easiest.
  9. It’s broken. Take it back as it’s new, not worth mucking about with
  10. Welcome 😎 There are loads of London players about, I’m sure somebody will pop up. If not, ask in the quick questions section
  11. Disagree, the Guarder frames are nice AND full trade marks 😎
  12. That depends upon the quality of kit you buy, the quality of the installation and the quality and quantity of maintenance. How long is a piece of string?
  13. You’ll need a mount first, Elcan specific https://www.shootercbgear.com/product_info.php?products_id=3552
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