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  1. I don’t care. The only pistol I’ve accurately ranged is the TM FNX On green gas, with 0.4’s, and no modifications at all, about 21°C air temp, no wind, 65m, torso sized grouping, 80m maximum range. Measured manually and with a range finder, not guessed airsoft metres 😂
  2. Any gen Umarex Glock, as long as you don’t have a half blow back CO2 model You can make WE, TM and KJW mags fit with work
  3. Krytac Vector mags have a hinged follower, that might work
  4. You need a follower, unless you can build electronics. A sensor that measures the last bb then raises the lock stop. Complicated, expensive and prone to failure. Should be possible in a mid-cap design though, as they have followers
  5. I don’t own one, but my buddy does. The stock attachment is the same as the MP9, an£ the stock is pretty solid. The whole gun looks loads better in the flesh, and the fixed sight mount on a machine pistol is ace Hopefully it will perform on green gas, as Indont like CO2
  6. Are you a dealer then, to be able to supply a warranty with the gun?
  7. Just trying to gauge whether it would sell for a premium. Ive always struggled to sell pistols that are more than £200, but I think you’re right, you’re is worth around the price you think. See if anybody else chimes in
  8. Does that make it more or less desirable though?
  9. What’s the difference between the gens, collectable differences?
  10. I think that is about right. Finding the right market for pricey pistols is always tricky, but if you advertise in enough places you will get a buyer (and lots of low ballers lol)
  11. What do you want this pistol to do? You're going to spend loads of cash, and it won’t be as good as a standard TM G17 Gen4. The shim goes between the bottom of the gas router and the top of the mag, to squeeze the router again the nozzle, making a better gas seal.
  12. Don’t forget to factor on the mag prices. You may get more if you sell it with one mag and the others seperatly
  13. Add up the price of everything new, take off the price of standard TM parts not included (eg, if pistol is £140 new, but original slide & frame are £70 new, you need to take that off). Multiply what you have left by 70%, there’s your value. A few things to consider though. Expensive pistols (other than competition hi-capa’s) are difficult to sell (anything over £200 used) It’s an old build so might affect sale Caveat that with any parts that are desirable but no longer made, they could easily be worth way more than retail.
  14. The P90. AEG mags don’t fit, so you have to buy the gbb mags. The trigger mechanism is appaling, fortunately Rhesus Customs have a fix if you’re tech minded. The nozzle is a weak point, buy spares, That’s your starter for 10
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