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I'm wondering about milsims....

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I'm wondering about having a bash at a milsim - but I'm being a google gimp and my search skills are failing me.
I'm looking for 
a) resources on millsims

b) actual milsims somewhere near me - North of Nottingham, South of Newcastle 
I can't find any in that area.

I want to have a bash at one because I like the idea of only running low caps. Well, more to the point, I like the idea of everyone else having to run low caps 😄


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If you want to take part in and experience a military operation in an Airsoft game ?

Don’t bother , Airsoft ‘milsim’ games bare absolutely no resemblance to any real world military operation at all . There’s never any working command structure that all the players will follow with out question ,  most of the players taking part follow the orders there given by there ‘comanders’ if it suites them not because they have too plus most decision making decend in to a discussion/argument by a big chunk of the players as everyone has there own idea what should happen (when you come down too it mists attitude is why should they ? they’ve paided to run around shooting people and not sit in a Bush all wknd and do bugger all because someone else wants to assault the building and want you to be covering fire) and most couldn’t follow the simplest of directions even if they had the inclination to do so either .

Sorry mil’simers but I formed this opinion after trying several different events but they all basically descended in to chaos . 

But If your looking for a more immersive objective based scurmish game ?

Then yup definitely worth a try at one . 

To me this is what they are .

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Try Okhto 8 (if I have the spelling correct) they have a downloadable list of what is recommended for a milsim. Although it also depends on your level of comfort/affordability/space and how long you are going for. For example, you wont need a tent if your doing a 12 hour game (potentially).. If they have lunch breaks do you need to bring boil in a bag ration kits with you etc etc.. 

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