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Armor Works Hi Capa vs TM Hi Capa

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Hi guys,


Haven't really found a lot of information in regards to these. I know generally TM are the benchmark most companies aim for as an out of the box reliability/accuracy etc. With that in mind I'm just wondering what pro's that some people who has an AW Hi Capa seemed to find over TM? Considering they are in the same price bracket as TM's I'm just curious to know why people would go for AW over TM. AW's are generally aesthetically pretty cool at least in my opinion but not sure if I can't justify the means if there's nothing outstanding about them except for the visual appeal in comparison to TM? 🤷‍♂️


(Apologies if this is not meant to be in technical. Not entirely sure)

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TM all the way, but then I don’t like the bling of the AW guns.


If you like the look of a hi-capa, IMO you be a fool to buy anything other than TM.


I think nest built, easiest to upgrade, best accuracy, best gas efficiency.



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