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    ares am013 , cm125. gg cm16 raider( donated to my son ) armourer works hx2003.
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    anywhere i can get to.
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  1. i have the am13 , love it, i use 7.4v lipo 1500mah and change at midday. only mod i have done is the barrel stabilisation plastic disk but to be honest it doesn't make much difference.
  2. davey666

    Zero One

    hi all , decided to order a armourer works hi cappa and two spares mags at zero one Sunday , checked , stated in stock so paid in full. got first email next day saying order excepted and a couple hours later stating order was picked and sent soon. this is where time seems to stand still. no updates until today when i got a phone call stating they had checked the stock and actually didn't have the pistol i wanted and did i want to wait 3/4 weeks and pick something else. really had heat set on this pistol so told them to cancel the order. happy , not but had full refund processed instantly . not the best cust. service but at least they called and admitted their error. would i use again , nope. why does it take nearly 5 days to look to see if you have something? might cost a bit more but think i'll stick to battlezone airsoft from now on.
  3. davey666

    CYMA Glock G18c AEP (also ASG G18c)

    look on taiwanguns they normally have between 2 - 5 different aep's. i made the mistake of getting the cm125 which is a usp but takes different mags which are a little more difficult to get. they are about £45 mags about £10. did big order with my brother and got a bulk box of bb's so postage was free. no import tax to uk.
  4. davey666

    Mall forum game.

    i'll try and let you know m8.
  5. davey666

    Mall forum game.

    gonna have to pass as at work that weekend. catch the next one hopefully
  6. davey666

    Attaching goggles to a helmet

    here is the link for how i have mine set up. http://imgur.com/a/0W269
  7. davey666

    Hi from sunny Southend

    find a local site , rent a different type of gun for first 3 games and then decide what you want to get. don't be afraid to ask others at site what they use and can you have a hold so you can decide what feels good or pleases your eyes aesthetically. most important thing to remember its a game and its meant to be fun so go enjoy...... and welcome to the family mate.
  8. davey666

    Attaching goggles to a helmet

    i took the strap on mine and mounted to fma swivel clips and fitted these to the side rails. easy to just unclip when you dont need them on.will take a photo and post when i get chance tomorrow.
  9. davey666

    Mall forum game.

    date depending myself and possibly 3 others would be up for it.
  10. davey666

    Hello from Essex

    i know what you mean mate about the regulars there and the other your talking about. will deffo give plantation a try.
  11. davey666

    Hello from Essex

    hi m8, me and my brother just got our ukara and play at skirmish billericay. looking to go at least once a month and going to try and get over to the mall in reading hopefully. hope to catch you down there for a game .
  12. davey666

    Kids in airsoft

    biggest problem i see at local site is regulars judging new players before they even get out into the field. i have recently started taking my 14 y.o. son and brought him a gun and kit. he has played a few times and most were very helpful but a couple of guys who were regulars started talking sh** before we even got out into the field. if you put them off before they start sooner or later they will be playing on there own. age is nothing in airsoft ,willing to play as a team and playing by the rules is what gets you respect with others
  13. davey666

    Good Mags for G&G CM16?

    started with a cm16 raider and used dboys midcaps, these fitted really well with no issues
  14. davey666


    after doing a levels got excepted in raf as pilot, past aptitude tests but failed medical on hearing and was told i was unfit for military duty full stop. wasted a few years and eventually fell into plumbing. i do enjoy it luckily and it pays for me to play so all good in the end.
  15. davey666

    Custom paint work

    how do you choose what to get done, just as i thought i had made my mind ,i think of something else. deffo gonna be calling soon for pistol and rifle job. keep up the nice work m8.