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    ares am013 , cm125. gg cm16 raider( donated to my son ) armourer works hx2003. asg evo smg
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    old school woodland
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    anywhere i can get to.
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    AIRSOFT ! , ps4

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  1. davey666

    The last AFUK Mall event

    was great to get one last game in at the mall. the games run well . thanks to all who were involved in getting this organised.
  2. i started with a cm16 raider ,then got the amoeba am013. the amoeba comes with a 6.03 barrel so a barrel upgrade wouldn't be that necessary.
  3. davey666

    The last AFUK Mall event

    just charging the batteries now , gear sorted, looking forward to playing the mall one last time.
  4. davey666

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Was just asking in case anyone needed bits. I should be ok for gas for pistol.
  5. davey666

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Is the on site airsoft shop open ? Is there one there?
  6. davey666

    The last AFUK Mall event

    me plus one, maybe two.
  7. davey666

    The end of The Mall, Reading :(

    if im not working ill pop along. only been once .
  8. £100 more the mark ,at £200 i don't know anyone that would go unless you choppering them in or parachuting in and even them they would complain of the price. like most have said , to charge a premium you got to prove yourself. site sound awesome though , needs careful planing .
  9. davey666

    Armor Works Hi Capa vs TM Hi Capa

    meant we , not tm.
  10. davey666

    Armor Works Hi Capa vs TM Hi Capa

    i was led to believe that aw pistols were upgraded tm . i brought a aw hi cappa hx 2003 and i really like it.
  11. they have both male and female toilets on site , males has two toilets ,1 urinal and 1 basin .ladies , well i dont know. on site cafe area also with food cooked to order.
  12. davey666

    Upgraded asg scorpion evo

    hi ,where are you based ?
  13. i have the am13 , love it, i use 7.4v lipo 1500mah and change at midday. only mod i have done is the barrel stabilisation plastic disk but to be honest it doesn't make much difference.
  14. davey666

    Zero One

    hi all , decided to order a armourer works hi cappa and two spares mags at zero one Sunday , checked , stated in stock so paid in full. got first email next day saying order excepted and a couple hours later stating order was picked and sent soon. this is where time seems to stand still. no updates until today when i got a phone call stating they had checked the stock and actually didn't have the pistol i wanted and did i want to wait 3/4 weeks and pick something else. really had heat set on this pistol so told them to cancel the order. happy , not but had full refund processed instantly . not the best cust. service but at least they called and admitted their error. would i use again , nope. why does it take nearly 5 days to look to see if you have something? might cost a bit more but think i'll stick to battlezone airsoft from now on.
  15. davey666

    CYMA Glock G18c AEP (also ASG G18c)

    look on taiwanguns they normally have between 2 - 5 different aep's. i made the mistake of getting the cm125 which is a usp but takes different mags which are a little more difficult to get. they are about £45 mags about £10. did big order with my brother and got a bulk box of bb's so postage was free. no import tax to uk.