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Recommended sites in & around Buckinghamshire

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As many people say I am new to the sport and looking for recommended sites near me. I have looked at the sitemap but I wanted to ask people personally what sites they recommend. Me and my partner live in High Wycombe and I (seriously) would love to go airsofting as often as possible (within a reasonable price, memberships at good sites being a bonus for me to cut down on cost!). I drive and for me personally anything up to about a 1-hour drive is fine.(day games weekends only, night games any day) so I would say anywhere within roughly a 30-50 mile radius. We would prefer woodland/urban rather than CQB but we would possibly like to try out CQB while the lovely British weather is having possibly its coldest November on record.


Now I used to play stuff like laser tag (Not sure if quasar is still around anymore) a lot, and I learnt that the difference in the quality of props/cover/site size can vary MASSIVELY so this is why I would like to defer to you more experienced players for sites that are worth the money.


Thanks for the help,


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16 minutes ago, Samurai said:

RIFT sites and games are brilliant.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1837289469925451/ is a great site near Oxford which is a little further away from you.

Thanks for the advise, just looked at their page and they look really good! Oxford isn't too much of an issue for me, just quick hop down the m40 :)

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Red 1 Airsoft ( The School)

Xsite The Outpost


Xsite Land End

Are all very good sites that are around bucks or inside bucks.

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