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  1. It says in the article a gas powered bb gun and unregulated at close range with steel bbs it could easily lodge. I just can't believe the stupidity of some people. Might as Well use a water pistol, at least then you won't get section 5 offence
  2. Just was doing my usual daily news surfing and stumbled upon this story where 2 teenagers robbed people using a gbb pistol because "they were desperate for cannabis" I really worry that idiots like these are going to get airsoft guns banned! https://f7td5.app.goo.gl/TKfomX7wASzIyNXB2
  3. Okay, to put it simply, due to money/time constraints I had to modify my src plastic gearbox to fit in a aps asr shell. The only thing I really had to modify was to sand down some of the plastic reinforcement around the screw for the stock to make it fit into the lower receiver. I also switched out the src stock cylinder/cylinder head/nozzle (the stock version the cylinder was plastic and the cylinder/cylinder head were all one piece. The flat plate that the air nozzle connects to though I had to use the stock all-in-one-piece air nozzle as the flat plate/metal nozzle wouldn't fit into the plastic gearbox. Now my question. I can't look at the gun today so while I can't work on it I was wondering what troubleshooting steps I should take. Essentially when I was test firing the gun, I used a low cap mag and filled it with about 30 or so bb's. When test firing the gun would randomly stop feeding and the only way to get it to start again was to remove/replace the mag. Now when I dismantle the gun again, what should I be looking to check? The hop up in the gun is just a craptastic plastic one that came already on the steel barrel because I was too lazy to replace it with the 1/2 plastic 1/2 alloy one I have. The magazine retaining clip is good and tight. I have yet lubed the piston or air nozzle but gears are shimmed and greased. The main reason I hadn't done everything before reassembly was because I was at my brothers and soldering/modifying the year box to fit and didn't have a whole lot of time. Good news is my mosfet works like a charm. Downside is I have no chrono and the gun seems to be a lot more underpowered compared to when the plastic gearbox was in a plastic gun with a longer barrel. So question 2 is will a shorter barrel generally make a large difference on fps? Or is it a negligible difference? Also if anyone reading this is in/near high wycombe and owns a chronograph, can i come use it? Lol i have the spring from my plastic gun which, with the longer barrel was bang on 330fps but I also have a totally unknown spring that I wouldn't mind testing if the shorter barrel turns out being my lower power issue As usual sorry for long messages and thank you for all your guys help
  4. "proper job" my late grandad's favourite saying! >.< I think what I could do is use something like blu tac to position it if it's too loose, make sure its centred, then with the blu tac in place, apply glue one side and once dried glue the other side. Would have to be thin to seep it, but would make sure it stays centred
  5. Well someone off the forum offered to send me another metal shell for free, but while I am waiting for that, I wanted to get at least 1 gun working so I can go to a few games in January lol I'm only just shy of having enough parts to make 3 working guns now haha Only 2 of the holes appear to be worn out to .2mm the other 3 holes still have their original plastic bushings press fit EXTREMELY tightly. Taking the bushing out of one of the tight holes and trying to press it into the 2 larger holes, the bushing just falls out. So luckily the size issue on only 2 holes on one side of the clam shell. I might loctite both of the large holes with bearings, and put all 3 gears in and then close it up like you suggested. That will do me fine for a month or two while I wait for the other shell. Its either that or using my plastic gearbox with which has literally NO bushing or bearings at all (the holes for gear shafts are just holes in the gearbox shell) for a month or two haha
  6. My main worry is that anything TOO permanent means that if there is a .2mm gap and the bearing ends up off centre then releasing the bearing will be a nightmare.
  7. Thanks for the help guys, going to order the shs ones next week and get a bit of loctite and see how it goes Nice to know i'm not totally useless at googling haha
  8. Hiya, I have a gearbox missing plastic or actual bearings for the gears. I measured the holes to find and buy new bearings and my callipers measure between 7.1 and 7.2mm for the various holes, however everywhere I look I can only find bearings at whole numbers... e.g 7, 8 or 9 mm od. So the question is, if it measures 7.2mm is a 7mm bearing the right choice?
  9. Love it when a bit of philosophy makes you laugh. I was actually wondering yesterday, if I get a new shell gearbox barrel hop up unit would it still be the same cheap ass gun haha >.< Hopefully someone on this forum has a cheap outer shell/outer barrel I can use for the time being then saving up for next year for the time being a bucking (and new fire selector switch as I snapped mine off >.<) will do me okay. There is no way my sight is ever going to compensate THAT far right. I found it was okay as long as I wasn't going to a too long range and with 0 hop up it wasn't too much of an issue as I wasn't shooting at the maximum range. Just got to make sure we don't go to a huge sprawling site as ill be buggered haha >.< Also had my fair share of non-hit takers. I'm surprised how little it bothered me, one was hilarious. This guy wearing all black was stood up behind a barricade about 20 metres from us. Me, my partner and another person stood up in a staggered formation and all on auto fired at him for a good 5-second burst, he literally just stood there, then popped down his head after we had stopped firing. The only time I got even a little-pissed off was when a member of our team shot be almost point blank in the back of my leg, twice, and all I got was a mumbled sorry. My partner says she thought she saw him having issues with his gun earlier on but still took me a few mins to bite my tongue and cool off. It really sucks you have to use the same site 3 times as although the xsite at lane end was alright, I think that site would only be at its best early spring and late autumn when it isn't a quagmire or overgrown lol (Oh also xsite lane ends prices have now gone up and are £10 more expensive than absolute, that's £10 more for a site that SERIOUSLY needs a lot of sh*t torn down and rebuilt) My partner wants to go to absolute up in reading next. Literally, the next day after the Xmas game she was nagging which dates absolute was open >.<
  10. I did try that first, but my barrel has a metal lip going around 2 3rds of the way around the barrel, and then a flat spot, so 1 end always lifts up as I roll it. When I get my phone back next week I will try and get a decent pic of a squinty barrel view lmao
  11. That's why I am pretty certain there is a bend haha!! I was hoping a temporary solution would be electrical tape in 3 specific points to try and hold it straighter inside the outer barrel (which is already fubared). There was no shimming between the inner and outer barrel as it was, but there is a good 2-4mm gap between inner and outer barrel at least up until just before the mock flash hider where the outer barrel tapers down to be nice and snug
  12. Well, I did notice the little lip of the bucking had a small thread ripping off the edge, could have been imparting a bit of spin. I am still fairly sure the barrel is bent though. I've taken the bucking off and ordering another, and possibly a full alloy hop up instead of 1/2 metal 1/2 plastic which I can impart on my new gun next year if that happens to have a crappy one as well. I'll also point out that the bending to the right was happening with 0 hop up. That is, I didn't have time to adjust it and didn't know which direction to turn the gear (Turns out either direction turns hop up up lol)
  13. Recouping after my first game >.< The gun performed quite well, though the shop stated it was firing at 345fps +- 2 and when chrono'd on the day it was running at 333 +- 3 also the inner AND outer barrel both appear to be slightly bent (BB's taking a big right curve at ranges above 15m) but I managed to compensate for the day. It was muddy, raining and f*cking cold, but still had a really good day out. Threw myself into the game (and had the piss taken a few times as it became a habit of the day to faceplant the mud). Snapped the end of the outer barrel off the gun during my 2nd tumble, super glued it and it lasted the rest of the day (and further 4 or 5 falls into the drink, including one barrel first plunge into a slippy muddy hill which filled the end of the barrel with mud). So, all in all, a really good day out!! Got the gun apart now for cleaning, and I wanted to say that the shimming on the gears is actually really good considering its a plastic gearbox, an effort was definitely made. However, the grease is already full of minute metal particles from the sintered metal gears. I tested the air seal by trying to push the piston in with the air nozzle plugged with my finger and I pretty much couldn't budge the piston at all, and it didn't move when held with a lot of pressure for a couple of minutes so overall not too bad. Definitely, need to replace the guns shell and inner barrel though if I want the gun to shoot straight! lol Am advertising here on the wanted page for a shell and going to order a barrel next payday. Otherwise ill reuse most of these internals for the next few months as they seem to be adequate [Edit] oh also the gears in the gearbox are marked SRC hahaha [Edit edit] 375/380mm Inner barrels are bloody hard to find! Better off just dealing with the compensating for long enough to buy a gun that comes with straight barrel pre-installed lmao
  14. Made me laugh haha I see skirmishing as a laugh, somewhere to have fun, get muddy, get target practice, meet new people and improve my skills >.< I LOVE the tactical side of things. When I was 16 I did a 5-day "army taster course" at Basingborne barracks. Sneaking around at 2am, trying to evade the recruits who had been in basic training for about 9 months was just about the most fun I've ever had!! (Read: Sacrificing the 15-year-old kid who kept moaning they were tired and cold to a passing patrol to take them off our scent long enough for us to evade was probably the high point!! >.< We managed to make it to all 5 checkpoints without being captured, next day we were allowed an extra hour in bed, the recruits who failed were given 2 hours extra pt lmao Would also be quite fun to put the camo lesson to the test, using your surroundings to make your own camo (at least for milsims, would probably take too long and be a waste of effort for skirmishes) That's just some of the reason I'm aiming toward milsim, after using skirmishes to have fun and improve some skills, also meeting some people who I could play regularly with would be awesome :-) Whole point I need a hobby is to get a break from my partner and kids as I pretty much haven't had a break for more than an hour or two since our 5yo was born! lol Note about the kid we sacrificed, he was cable tied, had a pillow case put over his head and dropped knee deep into the lake when he started gobbing off to the recruits lol
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