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airsoft sniping advice wanted

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I am aiming to do airsoft sniping.

I am looking for advice from other airsoft snipers about...


.any other accessories worth mentioning

.general advice and gameplay tips 


I am new to airsoft and plan to make this a hobby to keep active and have fun.


I am keen on the sniping route and want to focus on that and get the best advice i can.


I have had a hernia repair on my abdomen and CANNOT run and gun so aeg cqb route is a no no for me. Incase the wound reopens and im left holding my intestines like something out of saving private ryan.


I have had a good look through different airsoft rifles and come to the desicion of the CYMA cm.702a. as it is mostly metal apart from the body and less of a problem if i fall over or whack it against a tree or something. Also comes with 2 springs 500fps and 385fps so i can deffo skirmish it as my local site is 400fps.

But i have not committed yet so open to ideas on different rifles


I have already got sidearm ready to accompany the rifle.






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I've had one of them,great for the money and they do fire at 500fps as claimed.They need some work out of the box,i.e,improving the seal with Teflon tape & metal swap for plastic parts.

But TBH if your sight is limiting snipers to 400 fps you might as well get a battery powered sniper with the limit on them only being 50 fps above that of a full auto AEG.

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Thats good news then at least its doing what it says on the box.

I decided this gun because getting a decent aeg and upgrading it to dmr is too expensive for me atm. Even 2nd hand ive struggled to find something. And then i dont have ukara so the struggle is even harder.

The cm702a is within my budget and can be delivered to my door in non ukara color.




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I appreciate that but the AEG will give you the edge with firing speed.At other sites AEG snipers are limited to 450fps where bolties are 500 so the differences are more noticeable.TBH if the sites I used limited the fps to 400 I'd opt for a decent full auto AEG everytime.

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If you think getting a DMR up to par is pricy, then you're in for a nasty shock with bolt action sniper rifles.

Without a fair few upgrades and quite a lot of work you're going to be outgunned by any moderately good AEG. Even fully sorted, your range advantage over an AEG can be closed down by a moving player in a matter of seconds.

The sniper role in airsoft is very rarely a matter of camping out and taking long range shots. You're playing at a disadvantage and you have to counter that by playing fairly aggressively, moving fast. You've possibly got the opportunity for a few shots before clued up players figure out where you are and hose you down with their full auto guns.

Playing as a rifleman doesn't have to be all 'run and gun'. At my local site we've got some more mature players who play 'walk Airsoft'. They work as a team and play more strategically, setting up at choke points and laying ambushes. Just because they play at a more sedate pace doesn't mean they get any less out of the experience, but they tend to enhance it by choosing to focus on a WW2 load out, with correct weapon and uniform. Some time ago we had two guys turn up dressed as 1920's gangsters, complete with Thompsons in violin cases.

But as a player who has to move a little more carefully, you may well find the sniper experience somewhat unrewarding.

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I can undersrand that airsoft sniping isnt grand.

To go dmr means finding an expensive aeg then putting more money into it just to get near the bolt actions capabilities. Yes bolt actions arent perfect either but its a better start than building a dmr and its a damn site cheaper. Im pretty certain the cyma £80 aeg is no good for a dmr.

This bolt action has good reviews and ive seen plenty vids of ppl using them successfully.


Im not naive to the ways airsoft works and im not expecting to be sitting a mile away taking one perfect shot. 

I plan to walk up behind the main bulk of whichever team im on til they take fire then dig in somewhere and support them.

My local site is cqb based aswell so im not expecting much in the way of ranged battles either. 


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