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Australia needs our help

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The UKAPU Facebook page shared this earlier. I think it's important enough to post here as anybody can sign and I'm sure our Australian cousins would appreciate the support. 


In short, whilst Airsoft is finally getting legalised in Australia the importation of RIFs is still pretty much impossible. Signing this will help in ammending this regulation, which is quite frankly ridiculous in my opinion. 


Please remember to click the confirmation link after you've signed. 



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Yes, this is one the more stupid aspects of Australian law where in something can be perfectly legal to possess and use at a state legislation level, but can still be illegal to import at a federal level and therefore remain effectively illegal nation-wide, despite not being illegal to own at all. We went through a similar thing with plate carriers not all that long ago, with them being legal to own in all Australian states and territories as long as they didn't have any inherent anti-ballistic capabilities, and you could buy them from Australian tactical gear manufacturers without restriction, but bringing them across the border as a big no-no. 

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