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Shaun Haynes

Peltor/comtac headset clone

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 I'm after new headset for my radio. 

I've currently  running a bowman turn and it s pain in proverbial.  Looking to get a  noise cancelling/magnifer  headset. However I know you get clones of the peltor/comtac  ideally what to be able to run it over a cap. Can any point me in the right direction on why to get one 

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I bought the above headset for a mate..they are the lowest profile headsets on the market and are real steel headsets.  In the box it also comes with a long 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable so you can run it to a radio to hear comms if your radio has a 3.5mm jack of course...  Quality is excellent and the amplification is brilliant.


Very cheap on Amazon + I bought a radio mic which has a 3.5mm jack so you can link the headset to the mic and then connect the mic to the baofeng uv5r.  (Assuming of course you are using a baofeng, which seem to be very popular)




It's a cheap(ish) way to get setup for radio coms + headset and I was gonna do that too...


but I decided since I purchased a FMA Maritime helmet I wanted a Peltor type setup, so I bought a Earmor MH32H + Earmor PTT to go with my Baofeng and I could directly mount the headset to the rails on my brainbucket.




Again quality was excellent and made a big difference out in the field talking to my mate 50mtrs away and also being able to hear like superman..lol  (Only thing is that where we played the area was setup near a motorway and walking to the field the ambient road noise was overpowering the headset a bit...but once away from the motorway..50mtrs or so....both types of headsets worked great)




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