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The Embassy

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First ever day airsofting today at the Embassy, Leicester.


It was amazing.

Very painfull, i have lots of little lumps and bruises and cuts from the BBs even one on my nose!


So much open space but so many rooms and some nice warehouse a kill house floors.

Is really good for room clearing, and the basement is very dark and its so hard to spot whos on your team or not.


Overall i thoroughly enjoyed it.... back again on the 12th March.


Just thought id update you guys

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i went there last month and its the best cqb site ive been to.fast paced games with plenty off objectives.the basement is pitch black which makes for some pretty hair raising softing.the whole site is normally in play in most games which means you can go up the stairs across the 2nd or 3rd floor and come back down the others and flank them.the site limits are 350fps and is restricted to semi auto only.i hope too see some of you there soon

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